Thursday, June 23, 2016


Pretty soon there will be another Press in town. Zack Kullis is starting up Arcane Whispers Press. Picture yourself walking down a dark alley with voices lurking about, whispering in your ears, and scaring the bejesus out of you. Do you love horror? Zack will be more than happy to supply your daily fix , and then some.

Zack has some great authors who will be published by his fantastic Press. I will spread the word a bit more when more developments occur.

Zack and yours-truly will be co-authoring a horrific collection of short stories called Club Blaze. This is over-the-top gritty, adult horror of the highest order. You won't want to miss it for sure. I'm really excited about this project with Zack Kullis! Zack writes some really gritty horror. I have to up my game to keep up with him.

If you're looking for over the top horror where nothing is sacred, this will be your cup of tea. Blood-red tea. The world is filled with horrific bastards. You will find out about them when you read Club Blaze. This collection of short stories will be novel length. Read a tale or more before you go to sleep for the night. Sleep is over-rated anyway. Make certain you have plenty of fresh linens for your bed because cold sweat will permeate every fiber of your sheets. Your mind will shudder in fear, while at the same time begging that you read more.

Arcane Whispers Press is on the way. Get ready, those who lurk in the dark!

Blaze McRob

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