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The Coming of the King (Watchers Book 1), by William Meikle, is a fantastic horror/fantasy/historical treasure you don't want to miss. William writes superb horror which takes place not only in fascinating locales, but in different times. Read about horror from the past in this great novel, the first in a trilogy. As added enticement for you to pick up a copy, this tale is free for a short time only. Hustle thyself to Amazon and click the purchase link.

Happy reading.

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Book description:

 It is 1745, and the long awaited night has come.The BloodKing calls his army to battle and will bring them South to claim his birthright; the throne of Britain.Only the young Watchers on the old wall stand in his way.It is time for them to face their destinies - to whatever end that might lead them.

"...horrifying Highland vampires from the bloodline of the diabolical Stuarts. This first novel...offers excitement that never slackens." -- Margaret L. Carter, author of the Eppie Award-winning vampire novel DARK CHANGELING

"...superb story. Thoroughly enjoyable from the first word to the last. William Meikle has a wonderfully unique style..." -- The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

"Breathtaking, Scary and Original. A must read. An impressive blend of horror, history and imagination." -- Dave Dreher, Horror News Network

"I was captivated from the very first scene...Very well written." -- Patricia Altner, author of Vampire Readings: An Annotated Bibliography

By A Customer on August 21, 2003
Format: Paperback
Review by David Wilbanks
In the eighteenth century, the wall that divides Scotland and England is guarded by the Watchers, men trained to fight the Others (vampires) and their human slaves. The Watchers are sworn to protect England should the Bloodking gather his vampire army and invade from the north, and that's just what happens in this novel by William Meikle.
What are the Bloodking and his undead army after? The British throne.
These are the adventures of Martin and Sean, two officers of the Watch.
Martin's father is the Thane, Keeper of Milecastle, leader of the Watch, who reluctantly sends his son on a journey into the Scottish wilderness, along with a barbarian named Campbell from same, to spy on the Bloodking's activities.
Meanwhile, Martin's dear friend Sean is sent south into England, along with Campbell's daughter, on his own dangerous mission where on many occasions, he must kill or be killed.
Adventure. Dark Fantasy. Horror. Call it what you'd like, but if you have a taste for swashbuckling tales, then you should enjoy WATCHERS: The Coming of the King; there is plenty of horror, gore and heroism here to be savored as the two young men are challenged by danger upon danger. The author, in the endnotes, compares the work to a Hammer horror movie. Personally, I can't speak to that, but maybe you who read this will know what he means. Horrific sword and sorcery anyone?
This is the first book in a trilogy, so there's plenty more to come for you bloodthirsty sorts. 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Watchers is set in 1745 on the borderlands of England and Scotland. The Watchers are a group of people sworn to protect England from the Bloodking and his vampiric horde, known as the Others. The Bloodking seeks the throne, as well as the continuation of the bloodline, and will not stop until he achieves his goals. Will the Watchers of the wall be able to hold back the vampiric horde when the time comes and keep England from it's seemingly dark fate?
The book is centered mostly on two specific characters, and follows each of their journeys in turn. Sean and Martin are both men of the Watch who end up with large quests to accomplish after hearing news of the return of the Bloodking. Martin is to accompany the Scottish newsbearer to the North to gather more information regarding the growing horde, while Sean is to go south to protect a secret few people, including the Bloodking, know about. They must complete their assigned tasks and return to help fend off the blood thirsty Boy-King before it is too late.
Once I began reading this book, I couldn't put it down. Anyone who is a fan of epic dark fantasy novels with a historic twist will love this series. Those of you who are fans of Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, and Tolkien will most likely enjoy this series as well. Meikle intertwines mythology, vampire lore, and history together so masterfully that fans of the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and historic fiction genres would all find this short series appealing. The book makes for a quick, simple, fun read that will have you turning page after page to find out what happens next, and then ends with a great cliff-hanger that will leave you desiring the second installment. I highly recommend this trilogy! 
Format: Paperback
If the concept of a hoard of Royalist vampires attacking from Scotland and trying to reclaim the English crown sounds a bit corny, don't worry - it really works.
William Meikle has managed to forge a dark and compelling story by taking some exciting British history and his own brand of vampire story telling and then giving them a good mix.
The story introduces us to Martin and Sean, two soldiers of the Hadrian's Wall watch who are tasked with looking after a traveller and his daughter who arrive from the north.
Between them, their stories introduce the reader to the history of the Others and how they plan to retake the throne.
As the first part of a trilogy, it sets the scene perfectly for the remainder of the series - and I, for one, can't wait for the next book.

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