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Tales From The Lake Vol. 1, from Joe Mynhardt and Crystal Publishing, is rocking the charts! This morning on Amazon it was #2 in Books>Literature& Fiction>Genre Fiction >Horror>Anthologies. It was also #3 for Anthologies &Literature Collections>Horror, and #4 for Horror>Short Stories. For the next eighteen hours you can buy it for only 99 cents, so this is your opportunity to get it at a great price.

I am particularly pleased because I have two horrific poems that garnered a lot of interest and great reviews. Thank you to the reviewers. I am honored to share the pages of this great tome with some truly fantastic authors.

Hurry! This sale won't last long.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Remember those dark and scary nights spent telling ghost stories and other campfire tales? With the TALES FROM THE LAKE horror anthology, you can relive the most memorable of those moments by reading the best Dark Fiction stories around.

From urban legends and ghosts, African witchdoctors / curses and living dolls, serial killers and seamonsters, to vengeful animals, demons wandering the earth, and the every day fight between good and evil, TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.1 has it all.

So dive into fourteen tales of horror, with short stories and dark poems by some of the best horror writers in the world, including a story by the master himself, Graham Masterton.

Allow the very first installment of TALES FROM THE LAKE to transport you to lakeside terror in “Lover, Come Back to Me”, “Lady of Lost Lake”, and “Game On”; journey to the basement of your local pet store in “Dead Pull” and your neighborhood pub in “O’Halloran’s”; visit the apocalypse in “Devil’s Night”; travel to Africa in “Witch-Compass” and “The Reunion”; spend time with talking dolls in “Don’t Look at Me”; experience the horrors of drug addiction from close up in “Junksick”; and climb a ladder to the heavens in “Perrollo’s Ladder”.

TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.1 includes the winning stories from the 2013 Tales From the Lake Horror Writing Competition: a nautical tale in Jennifer Loring’s “The Art of Wrecking”; a bizarre story of strange addictions in J. Daniel Stone’s “Alternative Muses”; and a cult horror story in the jungles of South America in William Ritchey’s “Las Maquinas”.

Welcome to Crystal Lake.

Editorial Reviews


"Strong pacing and a few twists that I never saw coming kept me glued to the page until the end... an intriguing collection of horror and science fiction tales... something I'd recommend to anyone who likes their science fiction dark and full of chilling twists." - Long and Short Reviews
"... a fine collection of short stories and poems presented to us by Crystal Lake Publishing. These stories are reminiscent of the old Tales from the Crypt. Remember as a kid, sitting in the backyard in the evening with a flashlight trying to outdo one another with the scariest tale? That's what these stories are like, only they're for our grownup selves." - Horror Novel Reviews
"... a perfect example of horror, blending gruesome imagery with a creeping dread that we can't easily shake off. This is a solid hit if I've ever seen one." - Zero Signal Magazine
"Whatever raises the hairs on the back of your neck, or has you jumping at the slightest sound, chances are that something here will hit close to home. Tales from the Lake Vol. 1 is a collection of tales well worth diving into." - Hellnotes
"The pieces in Tales from the Lake Vol. 1 range from the spellbindingly eerie to the Bizarro." - Up All Night Horror Fiction Review

About the Author

Graham Masterton, a master of modern horror (Library Journal), is one of the world s best-selling horror writers. A journalist by trade, Masterton s debut novel, The Manitou, was an instant hit and was filmed with Tony Curtis and Susan Strasberg.

Bev Vincent is the author of The Road To The Dark Tower and the "Stephen King News from the Dead Zone" column in Cemetery Dance magazine.

Elizabeth Massie is author of numerous novels for young adult, middle grade, and primary readers. These include the Young Founders series, the Daughters of Liberty trilogy, "The Great ""Chicago"" Fire: 1871", "The Fight for Right", "Read All About It, "and more. A former middle school teacher, Elizabeth enjoys exploring both important and little-known moments in American history and presenting those moments to readers through the struggles and triumphs of her characters.
Elizabeth lives in the historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, very close to where her family moved in 1747. She says, Every place is historic. Well-known or not, every town, city, and county has its own compelling tale of people and events, a story that plays a part in the continuing story that is our history. 

Format: Kindle Edition
This first volume of Tales from the Lake is a horror and dark fantasy reading feast that will thrill and satisfy all followers of these genres. An outing on Greywater Lake gone horribly wrong, some thoroughly scary dolls and statues, a group of violent ghosts, and a vengeful Xbox are just a few of the horrors you will encounter in this book.

With water as the central theme of several of these stories; lakes, rivers and the sea play a major, if thoroughly frightening, role. For ultimate variety add to this a pet shop manager who kills what he can't control, a sexual deviant who hates her own pregnancy, a horrific drug production secret, and a charm with an extremely high price for its services.

The stories take a look at concepts of hatred, fear, greed, absolute control, and the desire to remain forever young. On the positive side, in the story O'Halloran's, it is clear that redemption is always possible. The poem, Saint Patty's Night at the Crown, brings an old-world atmosphere to this book.

The imagination and inventiveness in this anthology display a creativity and diversity of talent seldom found in such collections. Contributions by well-known, award winning authors such as Elizabeth Massie, Taylor Grant, Graham Masterton, and several others, make Tales from the Lake Vol.1 a book with a very high standard of storytelling.

The three finalist stories from the 2013 Tales from the Lake Horror Writing Competition, Las Maquinas, Alternative Muses, and The Fine Art of Wrecking more than deserve their places in this anthology. My personal favorites, however, were Dead Pull and Witch Compass, and my favorite character was the concrete garden gnome in Don't Look at Me.

This extremely neat, thoroughly edited anthology of carefully selected tales is another proud feather in the cap of Crystal Lake Publishing. For a collection of tales that will thrill, horrify, and generally captivate all readers of horror and dark fantasy, I highly recommend Tales from the Lake Vol.1 as a must-read! (Ellen Fritz)
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
These stories are reminiscent of the old Tales from the Crypt. Remember as a kid, sitting in the backyard in the evening with a flashlight trying to outdo one another with the scariest tale? That’s what these stories are like, only they’re for our grownup selves.

Three of the included stories are from winners of the 2013 Crystal Lake Publishing horror competition. First place went to Jennifer Loring. Her story The Fine Art of Wrecking is about how one small community survives through the ages by “wrecking” ships. It’s an occupation passed on from father to son, but it does come with a price.

J. Daniel Stone offered up Alternative Muses for a second place slot. Here we are given a look at the dark side of a hedonic lifestyle. The third place story Las Maquinas by William Ritchey was on of my favorites. People are disappearing, can it be the work of a serial killer or is it something worse? Not for the faint of heart!

Blaze McRob has two poems included, Devil Dolls and Saint Patty’s Night at the Crown, both are devilishly delightful. Tim Waggoner’s Lover, Come Back to Me shows us that death will not be cheated and Graham Masterton gives us a nasty little tale called Witch-Compass that will test your moral fiber.

Junksick by G.N. Braun and Game On by Charles Day show the consequences of drug use. Joan De La Haye tells a clever ghost story in The Reunion. Perrollo’s Ladder by John Palisano is a bit like the tower of Babel on acid.

It’s all about paybacks being a bitch in Taylor Grant’s Dead Pull, O’Halloran’s by John Paul Allen, and in Don’t Look at Me by Elizabeth Massie.

“I’m more afraid to live than to die.” Find out who, what, why in Devil’s Night by Tim Curran, and lastly, The Lady of Lost Lake by Bev Vincent gives us a glimpse of Paradise before hell breaks through.

All in all an entertaining read, can’t wait for volume 2! 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
When I read short stories, I like to pick at them. Much like I pick at the bones of the delicious fried chicken that my wife makes. I like anthologies that have a diverse selection of stories in different lengths that I can read when I find I have a bit of reading time, but not enough to get into a new novel.

Tales From The Lake Vol. 1 is the first in what I hope to be a long running annual anthology. Editor Joe Mynhardt has filled this book with fresh voices, seasoned veterans, and a couple legends of horror to give us a solid gem of a collection for horror fans.

Tim Waggoner kicks off the fun with Lover Come Back To Me, a haunting tale of a dark love pushing it's boundaries to the test.

Blaze McRob's shows his his "softer" side as he entertains with two poems that you probably won't want to find in a Hallmark card anytime soon.

Taylor Grant's Dead Pull is a perfect example of why pet shop owners should be wary of who they hire. Well told and fast paced, you will read this story in the time it takes you to check your Facebook updates.

Jennifer Loring's The Fine Art of Wrecking is another high point in this collection. A great sea story with plenty of blood in it's frothy waters. Remember, the sea never forgets...

Bev Vincent's Lady of Lost Lake and Elizabeth Massie's Don't Look At Me also deliver in a big way. Well told, nicely paced stories that are meant for one sitting. Of course Graham Masterson does what he does best, and Witch-Compass is another classic by the legend, though I remember it well from Dark Terrors. John Paul Allen, John Palisano, Joan De La Haye, J. Daniel Stone and William Ritchey all contribute strong stories that entertain and terrify to one extent or another.

All of these voices combine to bring a solid anthology that fans of horror short stories will love for generations to come. Nice job Joe Mynhardt, once again you have proven that Crystal Lake is not just a place for masked killers, but it is a home to terror of all sorts.

5 stars all the way.

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