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I woke up this morning, did a few things on the computer and went to Amazon to see how my books were faring. I was quite surprised to say the least. Two books I have stories in were in the top 100. For The Night Is Dark is one of them. This morning it was sitting at #17 in Literature & Fiction/Horror/Short Stories. This would not be surprising except for the fact that it was published in 2013. Joe Mynhardt at Crystal Lake Publishing does not stop promoting his books. This is one of the reasons I don't republish my stories I have in Joe's books when the rights have reverted back to me. They have a good home at Crystal Lake Publishing. Pick up this great book now. It's only 99 cents. Joe might come to his senses and raise the price. Don't say you haven't been warned.

By the way, one of my own tales is included in this fantastic tome. It's one of my best psychological horror stories yet. Just saying. I might be a tad prejudiced. All the stories are great. I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Darkness, our most primitive fear since shadows first moved.

The Dark is coming!

Call your friends. No one should wander through the dark alone.

You will be taken back into the past, down to the depths of the ocean and across the borderline between our world and the next. You will see snapshots from the lives of small children, old-time cockney gangsters and aimless stoners. You will journey into the darkest house on the darkest street, wander hospital basements and take a flight in the comfort of first class. You will meet Mr Stix.

This tome includes stories by G. N. Braun, Carole Johnstone, Armand Rosamilia, Daniel I. Russell, Scott Nicholson, Gary McMahon, Joe Mynhardt, Kevin Lucia, Tracie McBride, Stephen Bacon, Benedict J. Jones, Blaze McRob, John Claude Smith, Tonia Brown, Mark West, Robert W. Walker, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jasper Bark, William Meikle, and Ray Cluley.

Are you scared of the dark? You should be.

Editorial Reviews


"Wow. I'll repeat myself. Wow. This book was AMAZING." - Mass Movement Magazine

"... I highly recommend this anthology..." - Rena Mason, author of The Evolutionist

"FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is a fantastic mix of horror in a variety of sub-genres. Ghosts, monsters, things of an unknown origin...there's plenty of terrifying aspects here, and something for every horror fan - Shattered Ravings

"... stories that encourages the reader to explore their own fear (or thrill) of the dark, and to perhaps take that second look when something darts out of darkness in the corner of their eye." - Sanitarium Magazine

Format: Paperback
Hold on to your weapon of choice, and pull those covers up tight! The fine folks over at Crystal Lake Publishing have unleashed a dark anthology that is sure to scare you. Chocked full of talented authors and unique tales, FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is a horror collection that any fan of frightful fiction must own.

I have to confess that I had never heard of Crystal Lake Publishing prior to getting their e-mail. But I'm sure glad they reached out to me. If this anthology is any indication of the talent levels they publish, I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for the other titles they release.

FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is a fantastic mix of horror in a variety of sub-genres. Ghosts, monsters, things of an unknown origin...there's plenty of terrifying aspects here, and something for every horror fan.

Each story is written well, and each has its own, distinctive voice. Yet they all strive for the same goal: to scare the crap out of you. I admit freely that I enjoyed every story in this collection, which is not a common occurrence for me when it comes to anthologies. Sometimes, only a handful of stories stick out...but here, they all do.

One of my favorite tales in FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is "Mr. Stix" by Mark West. In this story, a simple, crudely made puppet turns one family's existence into a nightmare. But all is not what it seems...

Another favorite is "Eternal Darkness" by Blaze McRob. This vivid tale describes a man's fight with his worst fear: the darkness. But the shadows in this pitch are not tricks of light...they are something far more sinister.

FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is an excellent anthology, and I highly recommend giving it a look. Every fan of horror fiction must own a copy, so get yours today. The book is available now in a variety of formats. 

Format: Paperback
For The Night Is Dark is a fantastic collection of short stories by a group of magnificently talented authors! Their ability to capture the primal fear that sometimes suppresses itself inside of us, until the lights go out, is awe inspiring. To fully experience the atmosphere of the collection, I read it from the Kindle App on my Motorola Xoom tablet. The soft glow of the illuminated screen provided the only light within the darkened room. My children were asleep and so was my wife, so it was just me, a cup of hot mint herbal tea, For The Night Is Dark, and my imagination. Losing myself in the visuals provided within each story, the darkness around me closed in fast. Absorbed into the print on the screen I was unaware of the demons that lurked within the shadows of my own house. I was on page 125 when I grabbed my now cooled cup of tea and took a sip. At the same moment, my 6 month old husky puppy decided to howl loudly, signaling his desire to relieve himself outside. Not only did I jump at the unexpected noise, but so did our 7 year old cat, Sakima... Who just happened to be sitting on the back of the couch near my head. The normally stoic feline morphed into a scaredy cat and scratched my face as he ran past me. Well Played Sir. Castiel, Lyric of Oberon (my semi obnoxious husky pup)... well played...

After pulling my heart out of my throat, I let Castiel outside, made another cup of tea, and finished the amazing collection of stories. This is a must read for any horror fan, specially if you are brave enough to read it in the dark and allow your imagination to control your surroundings.

Format: Kindle Edition
The great strength of this anthology is the way the stories have a strong sense of place and convincing, realistic characters. Across all of the stories it begins to feel like the bogey monster of this day and age is the chav (or whatever your regional term for youths from the ghetto is), or the under-privileged world they are forced to grow up in and the destructive role of abusive parenting. Of particular note: 21 Brooklands by Carole Johnstone which will probably stick in my mind for some time. This Darkness by John Claude Smith is also notable, it feels somewhat like a parable about the redemption that can only be found by hitting bottom.

There were some stories with notably original elements. God May Pity All Weak Hearts by Daniel I. Russel retells the Dr. Crippen murder. On a Midnight Black Chessie by Kevin Lucia finds horror in a very unlikely place. And How the Dark Bleeds by Jasper Bark seems to effortlessly create a whole mythology around the layered story of the protagonist within just a few short pages.

If there is any criticism I would make it is that many of the stories don't quite close conclusively and give a feeling of resolution. Exceptions being the under-stated pathos in the conclusion of the zombie story Darker with the Day by Scott Nicholson and the tightly plotted A Snitch in Time by Robert W Walker.

Overall this collection represents what a good horror anthology should be. A somewhat uneven groups of stories but none that are without merit, misogynist or mindlessly gratuitous--traits that hobble many other publishers in this genre. At the center of almost all of these stories there is a fate that is genuinely horrific if contemplated, and that resonates with the horrors that do or could exist in the real world.

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