Monday, May 9, 2016


The Alliance of Independent Authors is part of the grand uPublishU group at BookExpo America this week in Chicago. The link above shows all the stage events and more at BEA for the self-publishers and others. Hitting the Show Information link will take you on a trip through the whole event. 

I have always followed the happenings at BEA. Just because I write primarily in the horror genre doesn't mean I don't read and follow other genres. Also, events such as this keep you in touch with what is happening in our business, whether it be Big 5, Small Press, or Self-Publishing. Business is business. The more you know, the more books you will sell. And, my horror author friends, don't allow yourself to fall into the I write horror, so I shouldn't expect to sell a lot of books syndrome. That's horse-crap! I great book is a great book regardless of genre. You need to know how to sell your books. BEA is a great place to do it.

You can also participate online at I am. There are some great authors and others here. Also, hit this link for even more information.

Keep up with what's happening!

Blaze McRob

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