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 All three books in The World-Mart Trilogy: The Private Sector, World-Mart, and Aftermath, by Leigh M. Lane, are now available in one collection. This is not to be taken lightly. Leigh writes some great tales.

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Book description:

 Get the full World-Mart dystopian trilogy in one collection!

The Private Sector

The world of corporate greed runs rampant after the government's dissolution has left police, fire, and all other services in the hands of privatized businesses and wealthy investors.

John and Dianne Irwin are doing everything they can to shield their son, Junior, from the world's ever-expanding corruption. Dianne's junkie sister and her cluelessly entitled parents don't help. Even more, Dianne's livelihood as an artist has been deemed obsolete, and the tighter money gets, the closer they find themselves a mere tragedy or illness away from ruin.

With the class divide ever widening, debtor prisons for the lower and middle classes overflowing, disease ravaging the country, and resources running dry, the Irwins must survive the battleground generated by those who would crush the lower classes for their own gain and those who've waged a war against them, against a corrupt system ruled by The Private Sector.


George Irwin remembers a time before the Big Climate Change, back when the airlines were still in business, back when people still drove their own cars and the bulk of humanity had not yet been driven underground.Back when all people were still people despite their eye color or which class they were born into. . . .

The world has changed much over his lifetime, but George still believes in the American Dream. However, when an alleged terrorist act lands his wife in the hospital, George stumbles upon a secret that could mean the end of all civilization.

World-Mart takes place in a not-too-distant future, one in which the collective and all-powerful entity known as "Corporate" owns and controls every aspect of society.

One held in place by complacency and mediocrity.

One that could very easily come to pass . . . very soon.

Aftermath: Beyond World-Mart

When all seems lost, when all the world has crumbled away, what will rise in its place?

Corporate America has fallen, taking the rest of the world down with it, genetic engineering and bioterrorism having come together to wipe out nearly the entire human race. The few survivors have no choice but to rise from society's ashes, but with resources growing scarce and some unable to let go of the past, the future of the human race skates on a razor's edge of uncertainty.

In this highly anticipated conclusion to the World-Mart trilogy, George travels beyond the districts, to the deviant shanty-towns and beyond, to a place he'd nearly forgotten--and to another he never could have imagined existed. And what he finds along the way will change everything he'd thought about the world--and the end of the world--as he knows it.

Editorial Reviews


"In the tradition of 1984, Leigh M. Lane delivers a terrifying vision of the future--a horrific future that may not be so distant after all...." ~Lisa Mannetti, Stoker Award-winning author of The Gentling Box and Deathwatch

"The Private Sector is proof positive that horror literature is alive, well and has something to say. Leigh M. Lane has created a cautionary and gripping dystopian tale that exposes the reader to the horrific results of corporate greed run amok. It is a nightmarish vision of the future that is as compelling as it is unsettling. If you enjoy horror fiction with intelligence and profound insights into human nature, then this is a book for you." ~Taylor Grant, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

The Private Sector (World-Mart) is a really interesting tale because of the realism that Leigh M. Lane is able to bring[...]. Lane's description of this greedy and money hungry world is something that I could immediately see. I think a lot of readers will be able to relate to these problems and will suffer with the characters, knowing it's possible that these things could actually happen. I really enjoyed this premise and thought Lane executed it beautifully. It was a very thought provoking story. ~Taylor Wade, Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

"A versatile literary maestro, Lane's characters breathe, her language sings, and her plotting is nothing short of remarkable. You owe it to yourself to give her a read, no matter what kind of fiction you like. You'll love her work. I promise." ~Nightmare Award-winning author Trent Zelazny

"I strongly suggest that you read this novel that really hits close to home." ~Quincy Simpson, the Kindle Book Review (5 stars)

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