Monday, April 11, 2016


Below I have the latest list of authors and other folks involved with the great anthology Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales Of Transformation to be published this June by Lycan Valley Press, owned by Jo-Anne Russell. I'm sure a number of your favorite authors are on this list. I will keep you posted as to any new events as they come up.

Thank you for reading.

Blaze McRob

Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales of Transformation Acceptance List - as we go. :)
Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales of Transformation Editor: Robert Nelson Cover Art: Medusa Ink ~ Jo-Anne Russelll Book Trailer: Kevin Hopson Book Blurb: Joe McKinney
Introduction: Robert Nelson
Acceptance List 1. Become Him, by Greg Chapman
2. Joey’s Grove, by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley
3. The Skelly Effect, by Terri DelCampo-Nelson
4. Keep the Change, by Dave Gammon
5. … and Thou!, by Nancy Kilpatrick
6. Crowded, by Rod Rod Charles Marsden
7. You Are What You Eat, by Jo-Anne Russell
8. Spirit Walk on Sour Ground, by Mj Preston
9. The Lake, by Stacey Turner
10. The Death Vaccination, by Tina Piney
11. The Moonlight Killer, by Suzanne Robb
12. Pickin’ to Beat the Devil, by Franklin E. Wales
13. The Catamount, by Donna Marie West
14. . Vile Deeds, by Suzie Lockhart
15. The Corkscrew and the Void, by Cameron Trost
16. Paper Trail, by Daniel I Russell
17. Little Spark of Madness, by Simon Dewar
18. Under the Weight of Souls, by Amanda J. Spedding
19. Clay Danger’s Balls, by Ken MacGregor
20. Ezzie Does it, by Erin Shaw
21. Febrile, by Gregory L. Norris

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