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This is part three of IT'S UP TO YOU TO SELL YOUR HORROR BOOKS. I received some good questions and other responses in the previous posts which I will address tonight. Let me start off with Greg Chapman. These are some comments he sent to my Facebook Page:

Greg Chapman It's getting harder these days to self-promote because sadly the responsibility falls back on the author. Also every other writer is doing the same thing. But that doesn't mean you should stop. I think it's about promoting other authors' works too. Be part of the community by acknowledging that we're all in this together.

 Greg Chapman One of the things I ended up doing was creating a Facebook page promoting new and upcoming releases and reviews to try and get exposure to new authors. I'm happy to share that page if anyone is interested. 

I am really impressed with the job that Greg is doing to help other authors gain some notoriety. We need more people like him. Greg is absolutely right in what he says. Promoting others sends out a statement that we care about the entire family of authors and not only ourselves. Personally speaking, I never view another author as competition. We're in this together. When one succeeds,we all do. Take a look at Greg's Facebook page and I know you will find some fascinating authors and books.

                                                               *    *    *    *

From JD Phillips:

JD Phillips Writing and publishing ARE easy. It's getting people to buy/read you that's hard. Sharing is great but I find it's usually writers sharing other writers - no readers in sight.

I'm at a loss as to how to truly merge the two. I don't see readers actively seeking lesser known/indie books.

 Robert Nelson Good point, JD Phillips! What Greg Chapman is doing is great. I found some great books there already by some of my favorite authors. I'll be posting more about this later today. There is much we authors can do. And, there are always new things popping up. We need to keep this dialogue going. Authors love writing, but money is good. Bills have to be paid.

More ideas for JD and others:

I am a firm believer in Twitter. I have found many great people there via the retweet route on my friends' pages. Sometimes they retweet me, and sometimes I retweet and follow them because of things they said that I enjoy. I like to send personal tweets when I can as well as retweets. It makes things more personal, I believe. The auto-generating concept is bogus and I don't employ it. 

I like to put links to some of my blog posts up on Twitter, and share them as well on my Facebook Page and my Author Facebook Page. That really gets the word out and doesn't spam anyone.

Use pictures and a lot of eye-grabbing color that pops out at people. Don't post extra long posts. Get your point across without going on and on about things. Short, sweet, and purty!

I have millions of hits on the search engines. Most of those are not because of me pounding my own chest. They come from folks finding out about other authors I talk about. My extended version of Women In Horror Month is a huge success. Not only the Women In Horror like these posts, but their friends do as well. This is along the same lines as what Greg Chapman is doing. We help each other. It's the right thing to do.

Another thing I like to do is to employ different ways to let folks on Facebook know that my books, as well as other authors' books, are available for sale. I don't like to employ the huge groups that have untold thousands of members. It's too easy to get lost in the shuffle. I like the smaller groups, and I don't post on them every day. I spread them around, and even then, I don't spam the groups. Another thing I do is to remark on other author's books. Also, One post might have the book's Amazon Page link with cover and a short, catchy blurb. The next time around, I might use my link to the book trailer. Zips things up. I'm getting ready to use links to free online jigsaw puzzles as well. 

                                                              *    *    *    *

These are only a few things that I thought I could pass on. There will be plenty more. Also, there will be more questions and responses from me to come. Stay tuned in, my friends.

Blaze McRob

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