Thursday, April 21, 2016


William Meikle has another collection of  delicious monster tales for your reading enjoyment. If you're into creature features, big bugs, or B-movies, then this book is for you. Get it now before the monsters attack you. Just saying.

Blaze McRob

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Book description:


THE SEA - a huge crab and a giant scorpion, ancient foes intent on battle, and woe betide anything or anyone who gets in their way.

THE SANDS - deadly beetles, each bigger than a man, swarming and frenzied in defense of an ancient temple.

SPACE - a mutated spider threatens the ISS.

ABOVE - a plasmoid blob attaches itself to a weather ballon and on reaching earth, starts to feed.

BEYOND - a giant invisible beast threatens post war London as it comes up the Thames towards Westminster.

BELOW - giant scuttling Isopods swarm out of the depths bent on feeding and mayhem.

All of this, and more in a new collection of stories from William Meikle.

They come.

We fight.

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