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Raven Bower is my Woman in Horror today! Raven teams up with her husband Lain to write some great tales of horror. She writes in the mystery/thriller/suspense,horror/and occult genre/genre blends. Very impressive!

Raven has an interest in Voodoo, is on Horrorworld message boards, and is involved in gaming. She pretty much does it all.

Go to for some insight into her many activities. Raven has some real interesting stuff there.

This is her Amazon bio:

"Raven and Lain Bower are a wife and husband team. They live in North West Michigan with their four kids, two Hell Hounds and alien doom cat. When not occupied with the aforementioned minions or writing, they enjoy creating worlds, gaming, reading, target shooting and gardening.

Raven is the author of the Bailey Khane supernatural suspense series - Apparitions, Wendigo and Rags Beneath (spring 2012). Apparitions, is currently under production as a feature film.

They're the authors of the Vengeance urban fantasy series - Primal, Smoke (2013) and Dead Moon (2013/14)

And the adventure fantasy, Nymph's Lair, now available!

The first novel in their Weeping Dark fantasy series, Bleeding Edge, is set for release Feb 15th, 2013.

To find out more about Raven and Lain you may visit their website at or email or join their Inner Circle newsletter for exclusive content at"

On to Raven's great books!

This is a paranormal crime story at its best. This definitely shows the mastery at the craft that Raven has!

Book description:

 Hunted by a killer who knows no mercy.

Stalked by the vengeful dead.

Caught between reality and visions...Bailey fights to piece the puzzle together before it crashes down on her. Is the man staying in her boathouse friend...or foe? And what part does he have to play in the macabre game unfolding around her?

Under the shadow of the murder's blade Bailey strives to discover the truth using faith and arcane knowledge. While at the same time the fury of the scorned dead creeps ever closer...

Format: Hardcover
I knew before I began reading Apparitions by Raven Bower that it was a paranormal crime story, but it turns out this work of fiction is an absolute horror novel. Even though I read this book during daylight hours, I still had nightmares about corpses dragging me off a boat...and that was just during a nap. I made damn certain I finished the book before the sun went down, and watched some cartoons afterwards, but it didn't help calm me down much.

After all the horror novels that I've read, particularly the gory zombie tales, and the horror flicks that I've watched, I've always considered myself pretty desensitized. So I was very surprised that Bower was able to scare the crap out of me with a freakin' ghost story. Of course, Bower's ghosts are the complicated type with serious grudges, since they are the victims of a serial killer, and the only person who can help them find peace is refusing to help them. I was thoroughly upset by the ghosts that could take solid forms. At least zombies stay down after a head shot; I would not want dead people trying to communicate with me.

Apparitions opens with a prologue, told from the POV of the killer, Mace Preston, who believes he is holier-than-thou and ridding the world of "demonic whores." He violates and tortures his victims to death, and he takes his time making them suffer. The way he chooses his victims, and plans his crimes will make readers second-guess their daily habits. The prologue switches from Mace to the mutilated ghost of Erika, the woman he stalks in the beginning. She appears to Bailey Khane, a woman cursed with ghastly visitations from Mace's disfigured victims for years. Alas, Bailey has no idea that Erika and all the brutalized visions before her are victims of the same murderer.

In the past, Bailey would write down what each apparition would reveal to her, which in return would allow the female spirits to find peace and move on. Unlike the others, Erika remains in Bailey's house for an entire year, although her form has "healed" from her vicious attack. During this year, Bailey has grown weary of reliving the violent scenes every time one of the ghosts seeks her out; she turns to Father Pascal to help rid her of the nightly visitors. Unable to find peace through Bailey, the apparitions become enraged, and try to hurt Bailey, as well as lashing out at any living thing that gets in their way of revenge. Their ranks swell as Mace continues with his "mission."

To make matters much worse, Bailey uses their stories to write fictional crime novels, and Mace discovers the books. He decides that Bailey Khane must be in league with the "demons" to know so many details, and plans to kill her too. But Mace is not the only one who is interested in Bailey's source of information - a private investigator, Andy, who helps out with cold cases has read her books, and is determined to get answers by any means necessary, but first he must overcome his personal suspicions.

Raven Bower decided to write Apparitions after reading about a particularly brutal murder in the news; she tried to imagine what the devastated spirits would do if given the chance. Bower was so pleased with the growth of the main character, Bailey Khane, that we will see more of her in a future novel titled Wendigo. It will be interesting to see how, if at all, Bailey has changed since her experience with the ghosts.
on June 4, 2014
I loved reading this! Its well written and creepy! It makes me wonder
just what is outside the window that I cant see!
on October 20, 2011
Apparitions by Raven Bower is an amazing novel. I found it hard to put down. The story keeps you engrossed in the characters. Raven has a way of describing things so vividly that you feel as though you are in the middle of a great movie. I highly recommend this book.
If you have never heard of the Wendigo legends, this is a great book to read. This is not for the faint of heart.
Book description:
 Shunned by the man she loves Bailey Khane seeks solitude in the wilds to mend her heart. But her vacation is disrupted when an evil entity is mistakenly released by an ancient spell. As it gorges itself on the citizens of Whisper, Bailey struggles to find the knowledge and courage to defeat it before she too ends up on the menu.
Format: Paperback
In Apparitions, we were introduced to Bailey Khane, a woman who is "cursed" with ghastly visitations from murder victims. In that first novel of Raven Bower's paranormal crime series, we were also introduced to a private investigator named Andy; Andy's sister was one of the apparitions that appeared to Bailey, leading to the romantic link-up of the two main characters.

In Wendigo, Bailey is still struggling to live with her gift (including flashbacks to the malicious spirit of Sadie), while Andy is wishing Bailey's gift would disappear altogether. This creates a major rift in their relationship. Bailey decides to take some time to herself in a remote town in the upper-peninsula of Michigan, without telling Andy what her plans are; she wants to get some writing done, as well as sort out her thoughts and feelings about possibly ending her relationship with Andy. Bailey has barely set one foot into her secluded cabin, when some new grisly phantoms make themselves known to her. This time Bailey does not fight her gift, and she is drawn into a battle between the locals and an ancient evil that was released by some reckless teenagers.

When a novel begins with some teens messing around with a ritual in a cave, you know all hell is going to break loose. Bower's gift for describing the macabre is obvious when you read the death scenes in every chapter. I half-expected to lift my foot up while I was reading, and find someone's guts on my shoe. Bower also did a superb job of mixing actual Native lore with the occult elements that one can expect from Bower's writing. Her attention to detail is admirable; instead of just making up the supernatural, Bower has clearly done some massive research on her subject material.

In addition to the new characters that Bailey meets her in latest confrontation, Pascal and Raines (friends from the first novel) also make a few appearances. Of course, Thor is still Bailey's constant companion, but this time, even the brave dog is put to the test.

If you enjoy books like Brian Keene's Ghoul or Dark Hollow, or you stay up late at night watching folk-lorish thrillers like Ravenous, you will want to read Wendigo. After witnessing the personal growth of Bailey in this novel, I am looking forward to the next one in the series.
Format: Paperback
Wendigo is a sequel to Raven Bower's first novel Apparitions. Both feature Bailey Khane, a woman who can see the spirits of people who have suffered a violent death. They come seeking her aid to end the menace of whomever, or in this case, whatever killed them. Despite it being a sequel, it isn't absolutely necessary to have read the first one. There are characters who were introduced in the first book, and events referred to from it, but there's nothing that couldn't be ascertained without having read it.

At the beginning of the novel, Bailey has retreated to a secluded forest cabin with her dog Thor without telling her boyfriend Andy. He'd been becoming increasingly distant from her since their ordeal with Mace, the mass murderer from Apparitions. Soon after arriving at the cabin, Bailey is visited by the spirits of some horribly ravaged locals. Something dreadful has been unleashed on the forest. The town of Whisper, where this all takes place, has been searching for a group of missing teenagers. When their remains are found in a nearby abandoned mine, they have been ripped apart and largely devoured by something with inhuman strength. The supernatural entity that stalks the forest terrorizes the area and seems to number Bailey among its desired victims. She meets new allies along the way, all of whom are intriguing. She's joined by stalwart Police Chief Trace and reluctant Native American spiritualist Daniel. Old friends from Apparitions get involved as well. Together they form a party of diverse talents to oppose the powerful force that threatens them.

I love stories that involve the Wendigo legend. Algernon Blackwood's great novella by the same name is a favorite of mine, so I was glad to see the diabolical wilderness spirit in action again. This is a fun adventure filled with interesting characters, romance, and lots of spine chilling horror all rolled into one. It's well worth picking up.

Reviewed by Matt Cowan 
on July 19, 2012
If you like the first one you will love the second one! I read it in one day. Could not put it down.
I love spooky legends of Lake Superior, and this tale adds to my fascination for this mysterious lake.
Book description:
 A family vanishes while sailing on Lake Superior with no sign of wreckage, no S.O.S and no bodies. A curse is unleashed by an intrepid team of shipwreck hunters, releasing a crew of vengeful spirits.
  Format: Paperback Rags Beneath is the final installment of the Bailey Khane series...and boy is it a doozey!!! I've read everything Raven Bower has written and this has got to be one of the most chilling books she has done! The use of colorful words and the "Hey, I've been to that place" settings make this book come alive and suggest that you were right there watching it all unfold! I love visiting the rivers, lakes and streams in the state but after reading this book...I may think twice about EVER stepping foot in Lake Superior!!
Format: Kindle Edition
Chief Trace (from Wendigo) returns to bring Bailey back for the final installment of the trilogy when he asks her to help him locate his brother, sister-in-law and niece who disappeared while boating on Lake Superior. To do this they need a boat, which proves difficult. Bailey is forced to go with her last resort and ask her brother's ill-tempered ex-wife Sloane for passage. Sloane and her crew of Cody and Till are in the midst of searching the lake to find a vessel that disappeared with its passengers, crew and cargo of gold many years ago. Reluctantly she agrees to take the group which also includes Bailey's loyal dog Thor and her boyfriend Andy. Not everyone gets along, however. Sloane thinks Bailey's insane and has designs on stealing Andy from her, while Trace, Andy and Bailey have a love triangle of their own brewing.

Many other obstacles stand in the way of their search, from the perils of exploring sunken shipwrecks to uncovering the secrets of a diabolical criminal element. The underwater scenes inside the shipwreck are particularly strong. That's where we are introduced to Cassandra, a powerful specter accidentally awakened from her watery grave, driven by an all-consuming desire for vengeance against the living. With a will strong enough to bring along a hoard of undead crewmen, she seems unstoppable.

There are many great characters at play here and each gets adequate time in the limelight without overburdening this relatively short novel. Even the fringe characters have interesting personalities and motivations. For example, Cody, the grizzled boat captain full of stories with the heart of a hero, was a character I particularly enjoyed.

This is a fast-paced tale of adventure, horror, mystery and romance which receives my highest recommendation. Give it a chance. I'm certain you'll enjoy the ride! 
If werewolf tales are your cup of tea, Primal is the book for you!
Book description: 
 Pursued by a ruthless crime lord after witnessing the murder of an FBI agent, Wrey must rebuild the life they stole from her. When she meets mysterious Arvon Night, her precious new life unravels as she's thrust into a web of betrayal, lust and violence.

Arvon knows he must slay Wrey to keep his secret safe from those who hunt him. Each hour his enemies stalk closer, ready to kill.

Can Wrey's powers of nature and spirit help her survive the yearning and dangerous Arvon and the tide of peril he brings with him? Or will an opportunistic hitman take advantage of them both?
Format: Kindle Edition
Raven and Lain Bower show werewolves the way they're supposed to be in this steamy urban fantasy. These werewolves are definately not simpering puppies - they're exactly what they ought to be. Powerful, engaging, predatory.

A riveting read from page 1 to the very end, Primal combines an engaging storyline and characters with thrilling scenes that leave the reader wanting for more. Some of the characters I loved, some of them I loved to hate... but none of them left me cold.

This was one of those books that I had a really hard time putting down before I was done reading it. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
It is 'Eyes Wide Shut' meets creatures of the night in this graphic description of crime, sex, and murder. The story line is engaging and does imply continuation into a second novel. The author does well in carrying the story along, and is very complete in expressing the emotions of the individuals involved. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Primal was addicting. Sexy and dangerous. The book moves with ease intertwining a crime story and an urban fantasy into one well plotted out read. I simply could not put it down. I needed to know what happened next. Arvon Night's character is written the way werewolves should be....dangerous and beautiful. Full of power and intriguing, and the character Wrey is no shrinking violet she is gentle but has her own strengths. A great summer read. 
This is fast-paced fantasy with a definite horror tinge! 
Book description:
 When a rash of brutal murders target the most defenseless of her people, spunky captain Shayla Dormyr is determined to bring the culprits to justice. Defying the command of the Prima Canticle, who claim jurisdiction over the ritually slain children, Shayla embarks on a rebellious mission that could cost her rank and freedom. When she unwittingly exposes a Blood Rune to her prime suspect, the troublesome sell-sword Daibryn, it unleashes arcane consequences that renders them vulnerable to an ambitious and cruel Blood Mage. Shayla and Daibryn embark on an adventure that will take them to worlds far larger than they ever imagined where love, hate and mystery put their souls to the test.
Format: Kindle Edition
Raven & Lain have done it again with Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge! The heroine, Shayla, is a character you can really root for...strong, compassionate, and isn't about to let anyone stand in the way of doing what is right! And...she's a WOMAN!!! A gripping story complete with struggle, magic, bravery and mystery, this is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time!!! 
Format: Paperback
WEEPING DARK: BLEEDING EDGE is writing power-couple Raven and Lain Bower's most recent foray into the fantasy-adventure genre. The story starts with Shayla Dormyr, an intense Captain of the Ires Guard investigating a series of child murders plaguing the city. Her prime suspect is an outsider named Daibryn who has set up shop in town selling wine. The ever-impulsive Shayla storms into Daibryn's shop to confront him with her suspicions. A surprise assault on the city forces Shayla, her captive Daibryn and a mismatched collection of allies on the run. The assaulting horde of creatures is lead by the deadly Blood Mage, Kierce under the direction of Mephrystis, a powerful Lych. Kierce carries out his commands with a constant eye out toward her own agendas.
The heroes flight takes them through underground catacombs, untamed forests, and ancient lost cities in search of a way to stop their formidable pursuers. Each location is fully realized with detailed histories and intriguing challenges that require the group to pool their abilities to conquer and survive. I loved the exploration of the world and its perilous sites.
Joining Shayla and Daibryn are acrobatic warrioress/scout Mika, a wisecracking mage with questionable motivations named Dorrin, his lover the savage and beautiful Daywalker Ferial, who the group fears may one day lose control of her appetites, Petre one of Shayla's men, and my personal favorite Anwyn a shy, peace-loving priestess with holy powers. Each character has unique personalities, abilities and goals which leads to inner-party conflicts and questionable loyalties. The characters grow and mature as they face overwhelming odds and death together.
It should be obvious from this review how much I enjoyed the novel. It moves at a crisp pace with lots of magic, adventure, romance and characters you care about. In the early stages I did have some difficulty keeping track of the large cast but as it continued on I got them sorted out and enjoyed the time spent with them. As someone who loves horror, I particularly appreciated the necromancer and ancient, dark entities scenes. There are no boring sections in this novel. By the end of each chapter I was ravenous to continue on. While the ending is satisfying, it leaves room for more adventures, to which I look forward with great anticipation. WEEPING DARK: BLEEDING EDGE receives my highest possible recommendation.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I have to admit this story would have been more intense if I would have read the prior books in this series, read them in order everyone. But other than that, the book was intriguing and exciting to read. I love the character, Lady Shayla, a strong worrier but still filled with emotion. I could go on forever talking about the other characters, Tamrik, Mika, Daibryn, but I don't want to ruin it for those of you who have not read the book. This is a page turner people and worth getting. 
                                                                *    *    *    * 

Raven Bower writes powerful tales. Her great reviews are testimony to that.

Raven Bower is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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