Sunday, February 21, 2016


Melanie Bingle Marsh is my Woman In Horror today! Melanie is a reader and reviewer who loves to read a lot, and she loves spreading the word about great books and authors. She has a reviewer page on Amazon . I love the way the reviews and book covers pop right out at you.

Melanie does not believe in posting negative reviews on her website, FANG-FREAKIN-TASTIC REVIEWS . She believes as I do that a good review should be spread around and others shouldn't because they send a wrong message out. Those reviews can be shared between author and reviewer.

She also has a lot of reviews up on her Goodreads page .  Add these to her personal website  and you see everything she has. I love the way her website is set up. This month she has 28 DARK DAYS of Bloody Good Reviews at her FANG-FREAKIN-TASTIC REVIEWS website. Gotta love that!

Melanie loves the beach and reading great books, including many from Women In Horror. Claire C. Riley and Eli Constant are only two of the amazing authors whose books she has reviewed. Her blog focuses on paranormal and horror books.

From Melanie:

"When I read, to me, it's like watching a movie in my head. It has always been my escape from the real world."

 From last year's Woman In Horror post:

"Melanie sent me a personal message on my Facebook page and asked me how she could help with my Women In Horror posts. I took a little peek and told her that I thought she should be one of my Women In Horror. She was flattered but didn't think she deserved it. I told her she did, and here we are. Authors need to find good, honest reviewers. Even if a book is not the greatest, an author can always learn how to improve from a review. After all, your readers deserve your best.

"So, picture Melanie holding your book in her hands as she dangles her tootsies in the surf. Let's make her toes curl under, my horror writing friends."

For the second year in a row, I am proud to showcase Melanie and the great work she does for authors.

Melanie Bingle Marsh is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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