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Lori Whitwam is my Woman In Horror today! Lori is not only a great author, she is the Managing Editor for Limitless Publishing. Also, she works with a select few authors who she also works with so they can polish up their gems of literature.

Lori is pretty shy about telling the world who she is and what she does. Her website and Facebook Author Page  can lend more to the mystery that is Lori Whitwam. I would certainly check them out if I were you.

This is the bio that Lori has scattered around. It's a good one and pretty well explains who she is, what she does, and her take on life:

"Lori spent her early years reading books in a tree in northern West Virginia. The 1980s and 90s found her and her husband moving around the Midwest, mainly because it was easier to move than clean the apartment. After seventeen frigid years in Minnesota, she fled to coastal North Carolina in 2013. She will never leave, and if you try to make her, she will hurt you.

She has worked in public libraries, written advertising copy for wastewater treatment equipment, and managed a holistic veterinary clinic. Her current day job, conducted from her World Headquarters and Petting Zoo (her couch) is as a full-time editor for indie authors and small publishing houses.

Her dogs are a big part of her life, and she has served or held offices in Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees rescues, a humane society, a county kennel club, and her own chapter of Therapy Dogs International.

She has been a columnist and feature writer for auto racing and pet publications, and won the Dog Writers Association of America's Maxwell Award for a series of humor essays.

Parents of a grown son, Lori and her husband were high school sweethearts, and he manages to love her in spite of herself. Some of his duties include making sure she always has fresh coffee and safe tires, trying to teach her to use coupons, and convincing the state police to spring her from house arrest in her hotel room in time for a very important concert. That last one only happened once--so far--but she still really, really appreciates it."

I love how she loves dogs. Check out her Facebook page and see how her dogs rule the roost.

On to Lori's great books!

Lori has written a great book of post-apocalyptic/distopian/horror/romance with this great book. It is first in a series and is priced at free at the moment, so this is the time to see what kind of an author Lori is. The reviews below pretty much sum up what this super read is all about.

Book description:

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

It should be easy to tell who the monsters are in the middle of a global zombie pandemic…

The blank-eyed swarms of animated corpses who want to gnaw on your flesh. Well those are the obvious choice, of course.

In reality, though, it’s not always that simple.

In the early days of the global zombie pandemic, Ellen Hale learned a brutal lesson. While trying to survive the hordes of zombies, Ellen was abducted by a band of marauders and subjected to abuse almost beyond her ability to endure.

She is broken both mentally, and physically, and fears she is on the verge of becoming a monster herself…

Until she is rescued by a growing band of survivors and given a second chance.

Ellen is taken to “The Compound”. Where she meets ex-convict, Quinn.

He’s everything she’d ever been taught to fear, but his presence is the only thing that makes her feel safe.

Will she be able to look past his rough exterior and learn to trust him? Or will the memory of the men who subjected her to such sadistic horrors ruin her chance at a new life?

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
When I started reading this book I thought it was going to be all about zombies and the apocalypse. There were zombies, etc., but so much more! It's more about one person's survival during this terrible time and I loved it! The characters were so well developed and the story line flowed so nicely that I felt totally absorbed in the book.

Ellen is the main character of this book and tells her own story. I totally get Ellen - emotionally she's pretty tripped out. First she's held captive by so called humans and then finally rescued and released to a place where people are trying to build up their lives. It's obvious that she's a pretty strong woman, but still shows a lot of vulnerability as well. I love how she tries so hard to help another character who has gone through the same thing, putting that characters needs first, when she is still so very fragile.

Then along comes Quinn....oh boy....what can I say about him? Every man should be like Quinn, right? He is so very gentle and understanding with Ellen bringing out the emotions she had tried to hide. However, there is an underlying current of rage as well that comes through in this story.

A great story about trying to survive in a terrible world and yet staying human as well. I loved this book and am looking forward to reading more! Well done, Lori! 
on December 30, 2014
So what makes this book different? The focus is less on the zombies, and more on the humans. What we get is a look at society in the face of change. A social experiment of adaption that focus on how we survive, what changes, and what stays the same.

When Ellen gets separated form her brother in the early days of the pandemic, she is forced into a world of servitude that most could never fathom. Worse, it's at the hands of humans. While the zombies wage attacks outside, Ellen is faced with the fight of her life to survive her captors. Where do we draw the line on the anything goes when the world is ending mentality? Crime still happens, and people still exploit one another.

After being rescued, she finds herself in a cooperative environment where surviving humans have banned together. She also finds herself dealing with PTSD, trust issues and a new found drinking problem. It's bad enough to confront these issues in a normal world, never mind one where death comes knocking for you, in the quise of flesh eating zombies, at any minuet.

Enter Quinn, the ex-con with a heart of gold, and a habit of rescuing Ellen. Can she learn to trust him? Learn to live again? And can she learn what her place is in the new world the survivors are creating?

To me this book is entirely about Ellen. Her growth, her strength, her flaws, and her ever changing outlook. Whitwam gives us a strong female character who isn't afraid to show her flaws. She is raw, she is real, and she grabs you into the story. Told from Ellen's point of view, this is her testament on the apocalypse, and it is worth your while.

I give this book 5 stars and highly recommend it.
Format: Paperback
When Ellen has found herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak, she thought she would be safe with her brother Matt until she is taken by force and made to endure sheer torture at the hands of several men.

Ellen's whole world is turned upside down and she doesn't think she's ever getting out of the predicament she's in until she's saved by survivor's of the zombie apocalypse. She's not sure she'll ever be able to trust another human being, especially a man but Quinn might just change her mind.

Quinn is a big, rugged looking guy and when Ellen first spots him she is completely intimidated by him. I don't know if it was his tattoos, his looks or the fact that he was killing zombies but he was the last person she wanted to get to know.

The very first time Quinn see's her, he does something that should have proven he wasn't a bad guy or even won her over just a little but she still thinks of him as Mr. Evil and when she learns he's an ex con, it pretty much cements her opinion of him.

Quinn proves he's more of a teddy bear than the big bad wolf when Ellen watches how he acts with one of the girls who was held captive with her.

Quinn is a totally swoon worthy hero and his character proves that you should never judge a book by its cover. A person is more than what they look like on the outside. The true spirit of a person resides on the inside and how the express themselves to others.

Ellen has lost just about everything of her old life but when Quinn finds something that she's been hoping to find and brings it back to her, well let's just say you're gonna need a box of kleenex to get through that scene.

I was so happy with this book, right up until I got to the ending and I had a moment of "Oh No You Didn't!"

It was one of those rare moments when reading a book where you want to scream at the author and ask them why they did that. I've read other reviewers say that this moment in time has happened to them but this is a first for me. I'm still a little stunned by the twist in this book. A twist that you will just have to read the book in order to find out what I'm talking about.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced digital copy for free from the author in exchange for my honest review.
 This second book in The Dead Survive series is even better than the first one. The characters are more fleshed out and the action rolls.
 After being rescued from a brutal band of marauders, Ellen Hale rebuilt her life in the fortified neighborhood that became her home. A heartbreaking decision and devastating loss pushed her to become a fierce fighter, because weakness only got you and those you loved killed.

Now her community is facing a deadly threat, and Ellen has another choice to make.

Ellen volunteers as a member of fallback team three, tasked with establishing a temporary refuge for their citizens in the event their community is overrun by the enemy. As the danger intensifies, she and her adopted sister, Melissa, set off with the rest of their team on the road trip from hell.

Their mission is cloaked in secrecy, but suspicions of a traitor arise.

Something is affecting the zombies’ migration patterns, and when blacksmith Tyler Garrett is discovered trapped in a farmhouse, the team refuses to trust him. But Ellen believes his story, and it’s not just because of his rugged, blond good looks and soft-spoken manner—his skills can greatly benefit their team.

As the team struggles to reach the fallback, previously secure locations are overrun, and their chances of success seem remote. With the likelihood of a traitor nearly certain, and the lives of everyone she loves at risk, Ellen must figure out who to trust before the traitor—or the zombies—destroy them all.

Is there a spy among the fallback team,
or is there another threat lurking in the Kentucky hills?
Format: Kindle Edition
Review contains no spoilers*

Fallback continues the story of Ellen Hale who we met in the first book, The Dead Survive. Ellen faced more than just the Zombie invasion, she faced the monster that man can be. But she prevailed, and joined a new community, gained a new 'sister', and found that wounds can heal and you can learn to live again.

Now that community is threatened. Not just by zombies, but by a rival community; human marauders who will stop at nothing to take what others have built from the ruins of society. Ellen's new existence and purpose is threatened once again. And the central question is, can one afford to become too comfortable. Have they really built a safety net, or are they sitting ducks?

In response to that, Ellen joins Fallback team 3, a team charged with forging a new safe house, a refuge if the zombies can no longer be held back. As they prepare to leave the community they have called home, safe behind their concrete walls, Ellen questions if it's the right choice. And, faces the possibility of a trader within their ranks. The journey proves to be anything but easy, and the questions are many. Have the two other teams made their destinations? Are those back in the compound safe? Have their been other traitors in the fold?

All I can say is wow. As much as I would have liked to been privy to the fate of the other fallback teams, I was too engrossed in the world of Ellen. I was happy to see her grow more as a character, forge more relationships, and even, very possibly, find love again. What I love about Whiwam's series is the reality she creates for her characters. They not only survive, they forge out communities with purpose and structure. They don't know what lies outside their walls, but in them, they are forming a pretty compact unit, and I was sad to see that threatened. Her books are not just straight zombie gore, they are social commentaries. (Re: the way Ellen's life was threatened by remaining human's in The Dead Survive)

Bottom line; this book is perfect for fans of the Walking Dead, urban fantasy, and just someone who wants a damn good book. You will do better is you have read the first book in the series; The Dead Survive, a lot of things are explained in that first book. But you won't go wrong, this book is a fast, engrossing read. One that leaves you breathless, and hoping for a third book.

I was given this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
By Stephanie on October 14, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Ellen Hale is now a fighter, after surviving repeated traumas; she is now a master with a machete and can dispatch the undead with ease. She is now a fully functioning, contributing and trustworthy member of her compound. Along with her adopted sister, Mellissa, she has built up a life for herself. So, of course a threat to their way of life is not far off. However, the threat is not zombies. The compound leader has overheard that a band of marauders is looking to take over their compound next. He asks for volunteers to move to fallback positions so not all of their people and materials will be compromised. Ellen and Mellissa join up and are chosen as assets to go. On route, the fallback team picks up a stranger, Tyler, a blacksmith with skills the team could use. Some of the team is wary, but Ellen’s first instinct is to trust him. When a traitor is discovered within the ranks, Ellen’s trust will be tested.
Ellen has definitely grown by leaps and bounds in this book. Now she is a strong female fighter who is able to protect herself and be an asset to her community. I was really glad to see the logical thinking of the compound leader when trouble arrives; many times this goes by the wayside in times of panic. As the team is on the move, there is a lot more action present than in the first book. Ellen really gets to show off her new machete and survival skills. Also, the behavior of the zombies is described a little more in this book and I think that there will be some interesting things with that. Tyler is a nice addition to the team and his blacksmithing skills and a plus. I really liked how he and Ellen are moving slowly and gaining trust. I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 
Format: Kindle Edition
I LOVE zombie reads. I love them even more when they feature a strong, intellectual, female lead, who has just decided to give back just as hard as she gets.

This read was absolutely brilliant. The whole premise is similar to most zombie reads, in the sense that there was an outbreak and after the outbreak people must find a way to fight back. However, this story is different in the sense that our main character has dealt with being trampled on and pushed round by the coming of the zombie age, and now she’s decided she’s had enough. She makes the decision to stand up and start fighting back, with everything she’s got.

I really like out main lady. She was written with a great attitude, strength, power, intellect and a plethora of snarky comebacks. She has a load of depth and really responds well to all the things that are thrown at her. I often stopped to think ‘yeh, I’d be like this is I were in the Z age.’ It was easy to really latch onto her and start to like both her and what she stood for – a comeback and chance at life for people.

The pace of the story was great. It had great actions sequences, really getting you into the scene, enough that I felt I may need to start wielding my own weapons of choice. These scenes were fast, fun and exciting. We were also left with loads of time to get to know our character, just why they are where they are and how she thinks. With this blend of action and depth, I really found the read rather addicting.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will be looking out for more by this author and highly highly recommend you check this book out, especially if you are a zombie reader.
Unlike Lori's other two books, this one is more romance driven. However, don't let that give you the wrong idea. There is mystery and suspense added to the mix. and did I mention dark? Yes, parts of this great tale are dark. One super read! 

Book description:
 A writer, a musician, an unexpected love…and a killer who wants to destroy it all.

Abby never dreamed she'd meet her rock-n-roll fantasy, Seth Caldwell, by crushing his guitar under the wheels of her Jeep. Twice. Seth wants to strangle her, but soon the snarks turn to sparks, and he revokes his longstanding rule against getting involved with women on the road.

But when an attempt is made on Seth’s life, everyone’s a suspect. Abby’s determined to hang on to the tenuous ties they’ve developed, but Seth’s determined to keep her safe... even if he has to push her away in order to do it...
Format: Kindle Edition
Abby had long lusted over Seth Caldwall, the lead singer of a successful rock band, but she never expects to actually meet him - especially not by running over his favourite guitar! But as soon as the two meet, despite a few harsh words, the two form an instant connection. An intense, passionate romance starts, but is almost cut short by an attempt on Seth's life, in the form of a pipe bomb planted in his bag. The bomb starts a 'who-dunit' hunt of everyone they can think of, including the people closest to Seth; his band.

I really loved both characters in this novel. Abby was quirky and loveable, and Seth was downright sexy (and pretty much my perfect guy!). The sex scenes between the couple were smoking and if anyone likes their romance to leave them squirming in their seat, this one is definitely for them. Add in a whole heap of chemistry, some seriously high-tension scenes, and you get the perfect formula for a great novel.

I'll look forward to Lori Whitwam's next novel! 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I read all types of books, for the love of reading. Once in awhile, a book will jump up and grab me and reel me in, like Lori's book Make or Break. I immediately felt at home with the characters, enjoyed the easy conversations and laughed at the humor. Just enough of everything - humor, romance, mystery - to satisfy all. Get this book NOW and treat yourself to a good read! 
Format: Kindle Edition
If you've ever wondered what it might be like to have an amazing romance with a famous musician, "Make or Break" fills the bill and then some with an intense murder mystery backdrop that keeps you guessing clear to the end. The story is beautifully written with fun, relatable characters, clever, sometimes laugh-out-loud dialogue, intriguing, suspenseful plot twists, and fascinating glimpses into the secret lives of popular performers which pulled me in for a read that I simply couldn't put down! Lori Whitwam's unique style combines deliciously passionate romance with dark, unsettling mystery for story telling harmony in an octave all its own! 
                                                             *    *    *    *
Lori does a lot for other authors and writes fantastic books.
Lori Whitwam is a Woman In Horror!
Blaze McRob

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