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Lisa McCourt Hollar is my Woman In Horror today! Lisa is a busy lady. She is not only an author; she also formats and edits. Lisa writes horror, YA, children's books, and more. Nothing is taboo for her.

I am honored to have edited some of Lisa's books and have read other books she has written,  so I have a good idea of what her best work is. In my humble opinion at any rate.

Lisa has come a long ways in a relatively short time, getting better with each story. Good writing comes with experience. It does not jump onto the scene immediately and take hold. She has evolved to the point where her ducks are all in a row. Her best work is yet to come, even after 48 books.

In Lisa's words from her about me page on her website :

"One of the things I have struggled with this past year is writing. When things go wrong, I either write a lot, to get past it, or I shut down. I shut down. My mother was diagnosed several years ago with cancer. She fought. For a while I thought she was winning. In a way, she did. She is in a better place. I believe in God. I believe in Heaven. I believe I will see her again. But until then, I miss her terribly. One of the things she always wanted for me was for my writing to be successful. I am working on that this year. I have a lot of projects I started, but never finished. I am going to finish all of them this year. Most of them are written for my kids. If you are here for my darker writing, I will still be working on those, but there will be a lot more light on this page than in the past, as I chase the demons away that have been tormenting me.

Anyway, who am I? I'm not even sure, so besides being a wife, mother, daughter, writer, fellow human being, this is a search to find out where I belong in this world. I hope you continue this journey with me."

I'm glad to see Lisa getting back in the saddle again with her writing. Go to her website, link above, and see everything she is working on.

Lisa's amazon bio:

"Lisa McCourt Hollar is the mother of three daughters and one son, ages 18 years all the way down to one year. She has spent her years working and writing in her spare time. Now a stay at home mom she devotes her time to raising her children and working on her writing. She hopes to become wildly rich and famous so her husband can retire but will settle for knowing others are enjoying her stories."

On to some of Lisa's great books!

This is a great novella in the horror/ghost/paranormal genre mix. Lisa has many different paranormal entities in this great book. I rate it at the top of her many offerings.

Book description:

 Francine has discovered there is a paranormal world around her, one most people can't see ... but then Francine isn't like most people, and she is about to discover she is more different than she thought. No longer able to rely on just herself, Francine teams up with an unlikely group of friends, including an angel, a werewolf, and a psychic. Can they stay one step ahead of the Vampire that has set his eyes, and teeth, on Francine before she becomes one of the undead? Is Hunter the true enemy, or is one of her new friends more dangerous than she ever suspected.

Format: Kindle Edition
I enjoyed reading something new and fresh in the paranormal sense. Francine is a strong independent character who isn't thrown into the usual ways of the paranormal world and is created a whole new world of her own. The twists and turns in the story leaving you craving for more. Thumbs up for Lisa Hollar!!! I look forward to reading more of the author's work.

Format: Kindle Edition
I loved this book. If you are into the supernatural and like vampires, werewolves, a good plot and some great twists this is a book for you. I could not stop reading it once I picked it up. Two thumbs up for Lisa McCourt Hollar. I look forward to reading more by this author!

Format: Kindle Edition
I love reading paranormal/supernatural books, especially when the book changes or does something different to the typical myths that we all know so well. It was great to see that instead of a vampire being created by an exchange of blood, it was three bites. Not only that, I loved that the author acknowledged the bond this creates between sire and newling/child (however you prefer to see it)! I even liked how a werewolf existed and there was not a natural "you are the enemy" between the werewolf and vampire just because of what they were. It was wonderful to see how a supernatural being could be more than one thing at a time - Francine who is a born witch (and doesn't know about her power) gets turned into a vampire to save her life. The first time she is bitten by Hunter (ironic name for a vampire, I know and I love it!) she sees a glow that she associates with vampires (thank you Twilight) and Joseph (an angel) makes a remarkably hilarious comment related to Twilight. I won't spoil the whole story, so take a peek because I think it's worth it. I look forward to the next book in the series. 
This is another favorite of mine. Classic horror all the way. A fantastic short read. 

Book description:
 Sam is dead. Tommy, his best friend, wants him back. Sam might only be a goldfish, but he is the only friend the neglected boy has. When Mama Tasha casts a spell to bring Sam back to life, things get a little strange and Sam develops a decidedly, un-fishlike appetite.

Extended ending included.

Format: Kindle Edition
Admittedly, I offered to design the cover in exchange, I read the story. I'm not into Zombie fic, but a Zombie goldfish piqued my curiosity. It reads like a story you would tell your child before bed, including a voodoo style rhyme. If your kids are Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, of course! I found myself feeling kind of sorry for Sam and young Tommy. There are diabolic hints of a sequel. Would be interesting to read what else is cooking in Lisa's deviant mind! :D

Format: Kindle Edition
My husband suggested I read this and I'm glad I did. Sam's a zombie fish but it's not a virus that brings him back; it's voodoo. That alone made me take notice. If you want a quick scare then Sam is it! Sam is well written and held my attention from start to finish! Good job, Ms. Hollar!

on June 5, 2011
Sam is a zombie story. And its a fish story. That's right. It's a zombie goldfish story. And you're probably thinking the same thing I did..."genius"! Who would have thought to turn a tiny harmless pet into a killer? Lisa McCourt Hollar, that's who! Its the most original idea I've seen in quite a while.

The story is well written, you sympathize with poor little Tommy, cringe with Mama Tasha and detest Joyce. The characters are well developed for a short story and the reader is drawn into their world. And then there's the twist ending. I have to admit, she got me, I didn't see that one coming!
There's something special about curse stories. I love this one.
Book description:
 A curse has hung over the town of Demon's Cove ever since Mathew Brown accused its founder, Malavore Pelham, of consorting with witches, a claim Malavore denied. Mathew however had his own secrets to hide. Burned at the stake, along with Sari Watson, the accused witch, Malavore vows his revenge. For over 200 years, Mathew's family has been tormented by the curse, bearing the mark of his shame. When the last of Mathew's descendent's is born without the mark the curse appears to be lifted, but what is the secret his mother has kept from him all these years, and why is the son of his best friend having nightmares about a burning man? Malavore's Curse travels across time and concludes with an ending that leaves no one untouched by the flames.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Last night I read this great little short tale of horror. The premise was fresh, the story drew me in, and it was just spooky enough to give me a little shiver. When I started it I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but the suspense built fast. There even was a little twist at the end that made me go "What?" Really, you didn't know who was cursing who, or what was going to happen. It reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe's work. Bordering on the macabre , just enough to creep you out. Great read at a great price. 
You can't go wrong with this book. This is superb zombie horror at its best. I've never read anything quite like it, which, in itself, says a lot. Lisa spent much time on this tale and it shows.
Book description:
 The undead cross paths with a psychopath. Dennis is haunted by his failings; his mother, father and wife were killed by the zombies that have infested the world and they blame him. Locked in the basement, his family haunts his dreams and even his waking hours.

Brought to you by the author of The Second Wave: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale, Dreams Of The Damned takes the reader deep into the apocalypse where all your worst nightmares will come true.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A few sidenotes first...I think this is the beginning of a new series - at least, I hope so because there are a lot of loose ends leading to even more questions. I also think the author should consider re-releasing this story as a full-length novel. There are a LOT of characters, action scenes and plot twists within these 44 pages. The author could simply flesh it out more (no pun intended) and easily fill another hundred pages just by extending the existing scenes.

As for the story, it is excellent. There is a great mix of characters. There are several elements of other genres woven into the horror of this apocalyptic struggle for survival...and BEST OF ALL, readers will be shocked by this new breed of zombie!

Definitely in the Top Ten Of Zombie Stories for 2014! 

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This one was a great tease for a reader as the story doesn't give up everything until near the end. stick with it as it hops around a bit. it will come together very nicely for you in the end and it is absolutely worth the read. I read this one all at once and sadly it ended all too soon but it was a great read.
you have multiple characters in this story and each has their own point of view. it is a little non linear which worked out very well in the story. the apocalypse is well under way and zombies roam the Earth eating people but the people are sometimes just as bad as the zombies, or possibly worse. each survivor has their own little story and backstory and those stories mingle and come together in a great way.
looking back on it, the one thing I think I was most impressed by is how the writers managed to put so much into such a brief space. very well done 
This is one of Lisa's great illustrated children's books. You'll love it for sure. I own the entire collection of Tabby tales, so I know how good they are.

Book description:
 When Tabby's family moves into a house that they inherited from her Uncle Van, it doesn't take long for Tabby to realize that their new home is haunted. From a snoring, drooling Boogie Monster under her bed, to a witch and a dancing ghost, Tabby experiences one scare after another until she makes her startling discovery.

Format: Kindle Edition
I was given a free copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

This is a fun kid's story with a slight twist on things. Not many little girls would be comfortable with a monster under their beds! This is certainly something different and original. Parents looking for something different from your average fairy tale should check this one out!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
As noticed in my blog spot with Lisa Hollar's work, kids and horror and monsters go hand in hand. It's the parents who get squeamish about it. A kid's world is full of monsters, giants, and fears as any parent comes to realize. Lisa takes the bold step mixing scares and childrens' books in writing Tabby's Haunted House. The synopsis is simple. Take one scared and bold little girl, pit her against vampires and witches, and watch her fight back. Simple. The book will teach your child to be brave as they enter her frightened world and come out with a wonderful sense of family, one theme running strong in Ms. Hollar's work being the mother of children herself. While the browser might think twice about buying, I ask them to see the good work and love flowing through this book. 
                                                         *    *    *    * 

Lisa writes well in whatever genre she chooses to, the mark of a superb author. Get acquainted with Lisa and her stories. You'll be glad you did.

Lisa McCourt Hollar is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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