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Jill Behe is my Woman In Horror today! To get started, I will put up a few bits and pieces of some things she has written in the past. A few things have been changed, for the better for Jill, so some of them will be left out and I will hit on them elsewhere in this post.

From Jill: 

"Doubts, Worries, Fears?  Just Adrenaline, Your Write or Flight Response!
By Jill S. Behe
FIRST REMEMBERED WRITING VENTURES took place in the fifth grade, one, a western; and two, a play about alien triplets invading the earth, for which I drafted my siblings as actors.  As a freshman in high school, our science teacher offered extra credit for anyone who’d turn in a science fiction story.  Could not have cared less about any possible bonus points, but I did pounce on the challenge.
The story was inspired by Star Trek.
I got a B+.
Somewhere in my junior/senior year, I wrote my first mystery/romance—a novel!  The next attempt at a long form story didn’t start until some 15-years, a marriage, and two kids later, while my husband was deployed.
From the time those first words went down, the goal was to be published. Though I didn’t know it at the time, it would take more than 30-years to meet that goal.
About halfway through, the mother of one of my son’s friends invited me to a writing group.  They were having a celebration for just having published their first anthology.
I was fascinated.  Had never been involved with such a group … hadn’t even known they existed.
My nerves were shot by the time we got to the meeting. 
Attendees were allowed to read three pages, double-spaced, and, oh, how they loved newcomers.  I was to stand up and read those pages, out loud, in front of all those strangers.
Holy Crap! 
Stage fright or not, these were writers, real writers.  And there I was, pawning myself off as one of their number. 
It was time to woman-up.
Would I be accepted?  Would my work?  Heaven forbid I trip over my tongue, or not be able to keep my hands from shaking, but worse … what if they didn’t like my words?
I’ll leave you to wonder what transpired, but what’s important is they expected me back!  And more important, that I could hardly wait.
For it was then I realized this dream of one day getting published had moved into the realm of real possibility.  And that realization grew, meeting by meeting, as did the camaraderie amongst my fellow bookwrights.  Friends brought into my life because of love of story.  Many of whom I remain bonded with today.
One scribbling sibling, in particular, took me aside.  He wanted to discuss my story, some possible points that might add to my arsenal.  WOW!  I had never had anyone really critique my work before, let alone an actual writer.  Yes, in the group there were oral evaluations, often using the OREO method: with something done right, some points to consider for improvement, and finally, what was most impressive.  This, by itself, had been revelatory—even empowering.
            But this time, with this writer, was different.  We went word by word, and sentence by sentence, analyzing word choice and placement, discussing the power of complex sentences, power words, transpositions, verbs vs. adverbs … lions, tigers, and bears!
I was introduced to c-r-a-f-t.
Words became clay.  Necessary material needed to get on the page.  Wonderful clay poured forth from my soul, instinct, and passion … but then material to be shaped, molded, refined and fired!  That gorgeous fusion between art and craft, heart and skill.
            Then it happened, two years ago, my first published novel.
As cliché as it sounds, there really are no words that can express the exhilaration felt when my editor called and said: “Jill, Jill, Check your e-mail!”
The publisher pitched with Mossy Creek had accepted it and was offering a contract. 
I’d been a reader the whole of my life, and yet not once did I ever think about authors as real people.  Sure, I’d seen their faces on the back of the books, or read their bios on the Internet, but that didn’t make them Joe or Jane Public.  Oh, no.  Instead, they were special—and they are, they truly are—and a far cry from being mere mortals.  How could I be one of them?  Was this even real? 
When I finally got to hold my book, a printed copy of my work, for the first time, it was indescribable.  But then my family and friends had one, too!  And strangers!  And people in Europe!
They were all reading words.
Words from Jill S. Behe!
I began to think of all the authors I had ever read.  Had they all gone through this same incredibly frightening, exciting, terrifying, validating transition?  From dreamer to author?  Had their family and friends gotten more excited about The Book than even they had? 
How did they handle the initial: “You have a book out?  Really?  That’s so cool.  What’s it called?”
Not sure how to even describe the weirdness of that.
Now I’ve two shorts out, and Book Two of Mossy Creek ready for editing.  And again the weirdness is happening.  People who read and enjoyed my first novel are e-mailing, asking on Facebook, walking down the hall at church: “Hey, Jill.  When’s your next book coming out!”
            Is it still terrifying, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and fantastic?
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
            With February’s honoring of Women In Horror, and now, with this bonus month of March, were I to say anything to my sisters out there, young to mature, and especially for those who might be fence-sitting, pondering whether or not to take their shot in this crazy world of writing and publishing, it would be:
And with extreme prejudice!
Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of stories, but in the end, that’s only half the equation.  There’s that other half, that if neglected, forgotten, or not believed in, causes our art to suffer, our dreams to never meet reality. 
And why?
Because our work must ultimately be read.
That’s the whole point.

As you can see above, Jill has much to share with authors wanting to break into the craft. Mossy Creek has found a new home, and her sequel has been written. You will enjoy these for sure. And, she has other offerings, as well, that I'm certain will tickle your fancy.

Amazon bio:

"Jill is the eldest of four children born to Christian parents in East Central Pennsylvania. It took a while, but the rebel within finally broke free. After shocking family and friends by enlisting in the US Army, then marrying--not much of a shock--birthing three sons, and getting divorced--again not much of a shock--she's now settling in, back in the great State of PA ... until the next adventure.

Jill began writing nonsense stories for her siblings and friends while in grade school, probably from the time she learned cursive. Her writing has improved. (A good thing.) With time, maturity and persistence, she continues to hone her craft in a variety of genres ... and at the urgent butt-kicking of her friends.

During the thirty-odd years she was 'away from home,' she never lost her love of creating prose. It was only a few years ago, she met another writer, and accepted an invitation to join a writing group. Not only did she make many new friends, she also learned more about the craft, and how to market her work.

To date, the Rebel has three novels, a novelette, and over a hundred and fifty short and flash fiction stories in her arsenal of completed works, with more on the table to finish."

To Some great books!

Mossy Creek is a great mystery filled with much small town charm. I loved it and believe you will too.

Book description:

 Welcome to Mossy Creek. We’re small and easy-going with a lot of community pride and camaraderie. What we don’t have a lot of is crime.

A close-knit laid-back little borough, so close to the southern border of Pennsylvania we’re almost in West Virginia. Townsfolk like to say: “We’re south enough to lend credence to our slight drawl, but sufficiently north of the Mason-Dixon to be ‘damn Yankees’.”

None of us were prepared for murder … especially involving a teenager. 

on January 23, 2016
Loved this book. Great characters and good plot.
on January 25, 2016
Enjoyed it
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This was an entertaining and most enjoyable story. The characters were interesting and the sort of people one would enjoy knowing and having as friends. I actually laughed out loud at times when Maggie was contemplating her next move. I can't wait to get back to Mossy Creek. 
Freezer Burn is number two in the Maggie Mercer Mystery series. Another Jill Behe hit!
Book description:
 Mossy Creek is in the midst of a bone-chilling winter. Even then, crime doesn’t take a vacation. If the temperatures don’t rise to the plus side of zero soon, the citizens will be suffering from Freezer Burn.

A visiting reporter has allegedly gone missing. Wyatt and Ricky are pulling double duty out at the lake, helping prep the hillside for the annual toboggan run. The mailbox baseball bandit, from last summer, has escalated his bashing spree. And, Maggie has acquired a stalker.

And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s cold outside, y’all. Come on over here. Warm yourselves by the fire while I’ll fill you in. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I love this author. Grabs your attention from page one. Funny, witty, Adventurous, captivating everything and more you would want in a book. This is second one in the series. The first one is really good too. I can't wait till the third one comes out. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A good. Interesting read 
Jill's tale How Do you Do It, Mr. Sullivan? is included in this great anthology!
Book description:
 Please step inside the May December Multiplex! Check out any of our thirteen screens for tales that will titillate, tease, and terrify. Come check out a host of other nasty beasties. So pop some corn, pour a beverage of choice (alcohol is permitted provided you have appropriate ID), and pick out your most comfy seat. Yes, come in and enjoy the show. And the best part is...your ticket is good for every screen! No need to sneak from one theater to the is ALL included in the price of admission! Hurry and find your seat, the show will start as soon as you are ready!

Stories by Theric Jepson, Lillian Scernica, Stuart Conover, Chantal Boudreau, Matt Kurtz, EA Black, Tom Ribas, Suzi M, D Alan Lewis, Jill Behe, Elsa Carruthers, Jay Wilburn, and Michael James McFarland.
Format: Paperback
MIDNIGHT MOVIE CREATURE FEATURE 2 showcases thirteen stories that rival every cheesy Saturday late night horror flick you've ever seen in your life. Continuing the tradition set in MayDecember Publications first Midnight Movie Creature Feature, this collection continues and reinforces the campieness. If you love a cut-rate radio host introducing low budget monster movies on late night cable then then is the place for you!

The bakers dozen of tales contains some real gems. The opening story is a Hitchcock-esque story of Were-animals set to the tone of a medical report and is brilliant in scope and content. The collection sallys forth with stories about sea creatures, creepy toys, worms, zombies, roaches and even a few unsavory humans. All the contributions really embrace the concept of the late night b-movie yet are solidly written so as the only thing that is campy is the spirit of the story.

There were two stories that felt 'off-the-mark' to me. They didn't feel very 'creaturish' to me and seemed a bit out of place in this collection. But those two are the exception to the rule. And to those story's credit they are both still solid stories even if the editor felt they did exist somewhere on the fringes of the collection.

You can never go wrong picking up an anthology from MayDecember Publications. Continuing that tradition is this beauty, MIDNIGHT MOVIE CREATURE FEATURE 2 will fulfill all your monster story needs at a price that won't frighten anyone. If you know this publishing house then you won't be disappointed and if you've never read anything from MayDecember this is the perfect place to start. 
Jill's tale S.P.Q.R. is one of 51 stories in this Zombie Erotica anthology.
Book description:
 What's sexy about zombies? 51 authors answered that question with wild, weird, and titillating tales. From love during the apocalypse, to love that goes beyond the grave and back again, to love that well, never dies, you'll find these pages filled with desires demanding to be fufilled, hungers to be slaked, and lovers who won't let a little thing like death (or undeath) come between them. Do zombies need sex as much as they need brains? What would you do to bring a lover back from the dead? What if you survived the apocalypse only to find yourself alone and sexually frustrated? Light some candles, put on some mood music, and cozy up with 50 Shades of Decay. The zombie sexpocalypse has begun...
Format: Kindle Edition
Decay is an anthology of 50+1 erotic short stories, each story is different aside from the shared theme of zombies and sex. There is sex with zombies, zombies having sex and humans having sex while there are zombies nearby. Lets just say there’s a lot of sex, and zombies.

First off I have to say that I’m not a big fan of zombies, and I haven’t read any of the 50 shades books; but I love short stories, and I have a warm spot for erotica (in my heart you dirty minded readers you!). So, when this book came across my radar I thought “sure why not?”

Aside from zombies and sex, humor was also a common element in a lot of the stories. But of course, with 51 stories it was no surprise to find that they also ran in gambit of styles, some were really good, and I wish they had been longer, some of them were pretty bad and left me wondering what I had just read; Some were cute, others were gross, some ended in such a way that I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. Some were really gross and others were really sweet; and few of them were even, dare I admit it? Really Hot.


Needless to say this is not a book for those with delicate sensibilities, or stomaches. However if you do venture into this with a delicate nature, you’ll end up nearly desensitized to the gore by the end of the book, so that might be something to consider. I would also advise against reading it on your lunch break until at least half way through the book, regardless of your sensibilities.

All in all I enjoyed this anthology, it was different from what I normally read and even though there were some parts that made me gag, I was very entertained throughout.

I was given a free copy of the book above in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are mine and do not reflect those of the authors or editors. 
Format: Kindle Edition
50 Shades of Decay, as anyone familiar with recent pop culture would guess, is a play on 50 Shades of Grey, the popular Twilight fan fiction erotica. Only rather than being about BDSM, this is horror/erotica, and some of the stories within go into really alternative lifestyles. In fact, this anthology contained some stories that featured sub(sub?)genres that I didn't realize were out there. But there are 51 stories by 51 different authors, so their take on zombies and erotica varies widely. There are stories of love that leads to suicide come the apocalypse, zombie strippers, necromancy, necrophilia, and the list goes on. The stories range in quality from good to excellent, with my favorites leaning much more heavily into the horror genre.

Out of all of the short stories in this anthology, two in particular really stood out to me. Rabbits, by Guy Anthony De Marco, is a rather bleak story that features a zombie with a latent memory and a man who comes to realize that he has been reduced to nothing more than an animal in a cage. There were a few stories that dealt with similar themes, but De Marco manged to capture the sense of hopelessness in just a few short pages in a way that has stayed with me long after reading it. The other, and possibly the best story in the anthology, is Z Spot, by Benjamin Kane Ethridge. Ethridge's story revolves around a zombie stripper that is still going through the motions as she slowly decays, and who is also looking for an emotional connection. She finds it with one last customer, but things take a tragic turn. Ethridge is one of those rare writers who can take something that could easily be ridiculous and turn it into a moving story of love and loss.

If I was giving awards away for titles, the award for best short story title ever would have to go to Pretty Kitty's Post Apocalypse Porn Palace. My love for alliteration aside, this was a good story. Jolie Chaton is the author and she has an original take on the zombie apocalypse, or at least one possible business opportunity that could be available afterward.

Overall this is a good anthology that I think would appeal to anyone who loves zombie fiction, and quite possibly a few of you weirdos out there who have truly outlandish fetishes. (That last bit is very tongue in cheek, so please don't send me any hate mail. Many thanks.)
Jill's story Whiskers is included in this eclectic horror/romance anthology.
Book description:
 Never…not in your wildest dreams… would you believe the creatures of the night that invaded your dreams as a child were real… right? Think again. Do you remember those times, when, even as an adult, in the middle of the night you were startled awake? You woke up confused and trembling, never understanding why, or even knowing what it was that drew you out of your slumber. Believing that a nightmare was the cause, you made light of the screams, and the moans, and the whispers that remained in your head.
“From Dusk Til Dawn” gives us a glimpse into the realm of darkness, the time of day, or rather night, when those unimaginable creatures of the dark come out to play. And the things that they do…and who they do it with...well...romance will surely take on a new meaning, and you might never again turn off the lights.
                                                             *    *    *    *
Jill is becoming more skilled in the craft with every book and story she writes. Keep posted, my friends.

Jill Behe is a woman in Horror!

Blaze McRob

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