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JD Phillips is my Woman In Horror today! I have known JD from the days she wrote In The Calm, a lovely tale of of history and rebirth. Do you believe in past lives? Wham! This great book is for you.

Last year in my Woman In Horror post for her, I wrote a book review on Amazon for her great novel From Ashes. She offered to send me a free PDF, but I bought the book. I believe in purchasing an author's book so she can get paid for her art. I loved the book and gave her a Five Star review.

This year, JD has another new novel, Touching Spirits: Contact. Once again, I purchased her book, and not surprisingly to me, I love it. I will include the review below, but let me say here that I found it to be an amazing story filled with witty sayings, horror, and humor. This is a paranormal story of the highest order.

JD has a number of links above. I find it particularly interesting that the protagonist ghost in  Touching Spirits: Contact has his own Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Killian-A-Black-1708751392688187/ . How cool is that? Also, JD has a Facebook page for the novel as well. https://www.facebook.com/Killian-A-Black-1708751392688187/

She has a great interview at  http://paraholics.com/2016/01/01/touching-spirits-the-jd-phillips-interview/
with Evel Ogilville at  Paraholics. You will learn a lot here about JD as well as the paranormal. Check it out!

JD's Amazon Author bio:

"JD has been writing since childhood and has been self-published as well as picked up through small presses.

For more info visit:



Twitter: @jd_author"

Okay. On to some of JD's great books: 


As promised, my review is below. I'm the Robert Nelson chap and I put my review up first because this is my website and I'm entitled. I really love this great book. It has so much to offer!

Book Description:

 Fake ghost hunter (Dusty Yeager, star of Spectral Analysis) discovers he's suddenly able to hear a real live spook - and he's not happy about it.

Real live spook (Killian A. Black) decides to make Dusty's life hell until he agrees to do the right thing and help solve a murder.

Hijinxs ensue.

"Who says dead can't be fun?"

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

JD Phillips is a writer of dark fiction as well as the creator/owner of BonesnStitches. She is both self-published and published through presses such as WTF Books and Angelic Knight Press. This is the first time she’s worked on a novel with a ghost. 

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
JD Phillips has a fantastic tale in Touching Spirits: Contact! She tells the story from the perspective of a ghost. This poor spirit is lost in an afterlife, unsure of how he got there. He deals with things as best he can, taking the good with the bad. He discovers there are perks to being a ghost, but there are also things that are beyond his control.

One of my favorite lines in this novel is, "Still, the afterlife ain't all fireflies and rainbows, you know, or else damn near everyone would jump ship early to join the party."

Obviously, there is humor in this story: a lot of it. I won't add in some of the fantastically witty phrases JD fills this book with, but there are some that had me laughing out loud! Don't let that make you believe there is no horror in this tome. There is. Plenty of it.

Picture a ghost making a believer of a non-believing paranormal TV star and getting him to help solve a murder case. Add in hi-jinks of the highest order. Supply some touchy-feely moments and glimpses into the soul which show good as well as bad traits of humanity. Combine and stir well. Voila! You have Touching Spirits: Contact!

I recommend this book highly.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I have read every book this author has published - I love them all. Like the others I was hooked from the first page and never wanted to stop reading.

The story is told from a ghost's perspective. He realizes he's a ghost but can't remember who he is or how he died. He witnessed a brutal murder. When a paranormal tv show film crew comes to a deserted building he is in and the star of the show can suddenly hear him he decides to 'haunt' him until he agrees to tell the police about the murder. The hunt is then to not only help find the victim and killers but also to discover who the ghost is and what happened to him.

There is a lot of funny dialogue, some poking fun at paranormal tv shows and techniques but also recognizes there may be some truth mixed in with some of the absurd. Whatever your personal beliefs about ghosts, the paranormal and communication with the dead you can still enjoy this book.

The author breathes life into her characters and I find myself caught up in the story, rooting for and against, laughing and even shedding a few tears along the way.

As usual, I can't wait for the next book.
Format: Paperback
This is a ghost story told from the ghosts POV but don't let that stop you from reading this funny fast paced story.
Killian is a ghost and he doesn't know how or when he became one. But he does know one thing, he witnessed a murder but being a ghost there's not much he can do or is there? No one can see or hear him so he feels helpless.
Dusty is a Internet Paranormal Investigator that doesn't really believe what he does is real.
When Dusty and crew show up at an old asylum to investigate the so called hauntings, Killian is just hanging around. When Miss Katanta does her "hoo doo" as Dusty calls it suddenly Dusty can hear Killian! What follows is a fast paced story of a ghostly investigation that turns into something even more sinister.
I absolutely loved this book and I'm so hoping the author has more coming. The interaction between Killian and Dusty is hilarious and I love that Kallan wants to help Killian find out what happened to him. There's so much feeling in the book and for a ghost Killian is a pretty cool guy.
Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock.
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
JD Phillips has done it again. Being a fan of darker literature she was able to stroke my need of complex and emotional characters in a dark story. Not only are the characters complex, funny, and full of surprises, they are well developed, with a history of their own. The tie ins with each other is well put and the story line is amazing. I cannot WAIT until the next book!

Keep up the good work JD! 
This  is another super horror tale told just the way I love them: action all the way. My review is below.

Book description:
 The Phoenix. A symbol of rebirth. Renewal. Always reduced to ashes, but perpetually returning to splendor. Purified.

And then there was Kell.

Kell. The young boy they called the “Little Phoenix.” Lone survivor of the Cocoon Man – kidnapper, child molester, murderer. Great things were expected of Kell – he was a survivor. But he let everyone down. Family. Friends. Himself. He knew their expectations were misplaced – they didn’t know the truth. He was supposed to be the dead one – but someone else was dead in his place. Because of him. His fault.

Kell. The twenty-something street hustler. Fleeing from his past – himself. Indebted to his pimp. Suffering in the freezing cold of a bus stop to meet his weekly obligation. A car. A customer. Warmth. Safety.


Kidnapped. Tortured. A hell re-lived at the hands of a mysterious man and woman – twisted, sadistic. Deadly. Kell will soon learn that you can’t run from your past – that it is always faster than you can flee. And when it catches you, you have two choices: learn or die from it.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
JD Phillips delivers big time with her psychological thriller From Ashes! She grabs you at the very beginning, the action building immediately. No time for back-story. She gets straight to the meat of the tale.

Master of the craft that she is, JD takes you on a journey, but the mystery, the terror, and the way she makes you root for the protagonist, even though you haven't figured him out, is what drives this horrific novel. She skillfully adds in the back-story a little at a time, never allowing the action and suspense to waver. This is the way a practiced and talented author writes. Too many writers go on and on, describing every little thing, until you can't take it anymore. JD gets into the head of her main character and describes his pain, his angst. There is plenty of description, but it's woven into the fabric of the story and not pushed at you all at once.

She presents a brutal tale of psychological horror tearing away at not only our hero but you as well, because you become one with the story and feel everything that happens to this young man. Every bit of pain suffered by him attacks your mind, your soul. I guarantee that you will squirm in your chair when you read this thriller.

As far as I'm concerned, this is is JD's best tale to date. This is pure horror, coming at you from a true master at the craft.
By Erin Cooper on November 30, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I read this all in one sitting because I literally couldn't put it down. I spent three hours curled up, reading compulsively, rooting for the main character. It was terrifying and fabulous at the same time.
Format: Paperback
My favorite books are horrors,thrillers and suspense and JD Phillips hit all 3 nails on the head with this one. I was so bothered by parts of it i could barely stand to read it but i was so intrigued and excited to finish it i couldn't put it down. This is a must read! I'm hoping for a second book.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
When was the last time you read a book that actually scared you? The last time you read a straightforward, relentless and unflinching tale of terror? That is precisely what JD Phillips delivers with From Ashes. This novel hooked me in the first chapter and held me until the final page. As visceral and disturbing as footage presented at a murder trial, but never gratuitously so; this is foremost a literary character study of man at his absolute breaking point. And then some. The nightmarish set-up, focus and intensity reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe at his most feverish.


Another chiller from JD. This is a well thought out, exciting read.!

Book description:
Being dead is like being born again and again for as long as there are thoughts to occupy – but what if your thoughts are...tainted?

Nefarious – fronted by the charismatic, but troubled, Mai Evans – is poised for stardom when fate puts amateur guitarist Blue on the center stage. What follows is a fast lane to success - and an even faster downward spiral of drugs and sex…love and jealousy…madness and murder.

The end leads back to the beginning – to the pool of Mai’s dark creativity…and a curse he believes threatens to destroy everything and everyone he touches.

But is the source of evil more mortal – and deadly?

The truth awaits in the biggest lie of all.

Editorial Reviews


A surreal and unpredictable read that forces one to question pre-conceptions and assumptions. Author JD Phillips dangles truths and half-truths to keep the reader turning the pages. Ambiguity, suspense, and character development make this a very intriguing exploration of the world of music and relationships impacted by notoriety and the interaction of complicated human psyches - Best Books of Indiana 2007 Fiction Judges. --from the Best Books of Indiana 2007 Fiction Judges flyer

About the Author

Tainted, the third novel written by JD Phillips, features a preface graced by lyrics written by Ville Valo (HIM). It placed 1st runner-up in the Best Books of IN 2007 awards. An interview as well as reviews by fellow readers for Tainted can be found at myspace.com/authorjd 

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I, too, found this through the band HIM, and it's very obvious that that band had a pretty strong influence on this book. In a good way, of course!

Mai Evans is one of the most unique characters I've ever read... he's charasmatic, charming, and sometimes so melancholic that it's shocking.

Blue is easy to relate to, articulate, and understandable in a way it doesn't seem he could be.

Their story is breathtaking beyond words, and I'm running right now to buy everything this author has ever written.
Format: Paperback
I found out about this book through an interview done through the Greek HIM fan club Dark Secret Club. After checking out the interview, and JD's myspace, I realized that this novel heavily influenced by the band HIM, Oscar Wilde, and Velvet Goldmine. Tainted is an erotic, sensual and ethereal trip through the mind of Blue, a vagabond who sees Mai Evans, the main character of the novel performing at a bar under the group name Nefarious. Mai is one of the most bewitching characters I've come across in literature. He's beautiful, charming, dangerous, and intelligent and some may say cursed. That's all I am willing to let slip. If you like stories of drugs, mental instability, homoeroticism, rock and roll and the pleasures of androgyny and eyeliner, this is the book for you.

I look forward to her future works. This is one author to watch.
By St.Robi on September 13, 2009
Format: Paperback
The book was written as if the main charecter is talking directly to you. It was fast moving and very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to reading other books by JD. It was a good psychological thriller, that some of the 'main stream' authors couldn't come close too. I loved how Mai was so realistic as well as Blue. Mai was easy to picture and that made the story more enjoyable. For me. 

In The Calm is great fantasy! I love past lives' stories, and this one is great!

Book description:
 After the brutal murder of her lover in their own home, writer Dani Morgan is looking for a place to hide and lick her wounds. She finds herself drawn to a house called Harlane—a house that seems oddly familiar, even though she’s never been there before. Once in residence, she’s plagued by realistic dreams of a past that isn’t her own, as well as ghostly visitations. Unable to concentrate on her novel, she’s drawn instead into a mystery dating back to 1912 and the tragic voyage of the Titanic. She’ll discover love never dies; it simply waits to be reborn.
Format: Paperback
Grief stricken author, Dani Morgan, escapes to a new location to try to put her life back together after the murder of her boyfriend. With the help of her agent/friend, she finds a farm house to rent on top of a cliff by the ocean. She soon discovers from the town's people that there is a history that goes with the old house and the previous occupant. Soon after that she experiences dreams that feel like memories. In her research on the house, she discovers a connection to the Titanic and with the help of a psychic in a New Age store discovers through past life regression that she was on the Titanic when it sank and the dreams really are memories. The descriptions of the Titanic and the historical facts revealed about it are not new; anyone familiar with the Titanic will have heard them before, but they are written into the story in a skillful and respectful way that allows the reader to share the character's experiences as though you were experiencing them yourself. It also provides a view of the effect on the lives of those who lost someone on the Titanic when the body was never found or identified. The ending was a bit of a surprise to me - no spoilers given here - you'll have to read it to see for yourself. Once again JD Phillips has made me think of possibilities I can only imagine. I bought the Kindle version first and now have the paperback to add to my collection of JD's books - I own them all.
Format: Paperback
'In the Calm' is an intense tale written from a point of view spanning different eras of time by an author with the ability to transport the reader into unknown waters. A great read for those knowledgeable about Titanic, past lives and the metaphysical world, as well as those who have never considered the possibility of living previous existences. JD Phillips is the Psychopomp, the guide on the journey of the soul of main character, Dani Morgan. You will not forget this read. Highly, highly, highly recommended as it will remind the reader that above all else, Love never dies.
on September 13, 2013
In The Calm is the best dark fantasy I've read in some time. The story is told within a Gothic framework, but takes place largely inside the narrator's head; early on, it moves from the setting of a rundown, coastal house to a landscape of dreams and memories. The teller of this tale, Danielle Morgan, is trustworthy, believable, funny and insightful. Supporting characters are brought to life as soon as they are introduced. Phillips does a great job handling what is a very sophisticated plot, in a style that flows like conversation, while being as clear and precise as you could hope for. Her descriptions of people, places and events--from present to past and back again--are remarkably vivid. Everything works here to make In The Calm a compelling read. I went through it in a single day. And the ending resonated with me long after I'd shut off the Kindle. Highly recommended. I'll be seeking out more by this author.
Dead Pool is a tale with many facets; many twists; many turns. All of them are horrific. This is a book of twisted happenings. Watch out for what might be lurking around your steps.
Book description:
 On the eve of a blizzard, Bella Rothland is awakened by a recurring nightmare. By chance, she takes a peek outside and discovers a man lying near death beside her front steps. Bound, beaten, gagged he is clearly in need of her help. Not knowing where it is he s escaped from or how he s come to be in such dire shape, Bella quickly brings him into her home. When he regains consciousness, Bella realizes that he holds no memory about his identity or how he came to rest outside her front door. Trapped inside her home by the ongoing storm, Bella does her best to nurse him back to health in hopes of obtaining some answers about who he is. As their attraction for one another deepens, strange events begin to unfold curious whispers in the dark, a ghostly face leering within the mirrors, unexplained markings upon their bodies, a haunting of both body and soul... It becomes clearer that something unnatural has followed him into Bella s home, something from the past that demands to be remembered at all costs. Something that seems determined to bring death upon him and breathe life into her nightmare. They come to wonder if it isn t a question of who he is but what, for a spirit dredged out of the dead pool cannot linger in the life it was torn out of... nor can it return alone...

*Preface features lyrics of Ville Valo, singer/songwriter for HIM
By Reader KDP on March 26, 2007
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Once again this author takes my breath away. Subtle hints are hidden throughout the book that will only be recognized if you have read the author's last book, "Tainted" as a special treat for those of us who read everything JD writes. The story opens with a man who is escaping from someone (or something)and collapses outside Bella's house in the middle of a stormy night. As she helps him, they discover he doesn't know who he is or what's happened to him. Strange otherworldly events occur as their relationship grows. We unravel the mystery of who the man is, where he came from and where he is going at the same time the people in the story do. Once again I never saw the twist coming but it brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. Actions do have consequences and maybe once in a while people do get what they deserve with a little help from the dead pool.
Format: Paperback
This author never ceases to amaze me with her lyrical writing. The main characters are intensely likeable, the plot is well paced and the ending is a surprise, as usual. I highly recommend that you read "Tainted" first, as this book drops many clues that are related to the other.
Format: Paperback
I totally agree with Reviewer: KDP of Indiana. Their description of the book is dead-on. This book is a must read! I have read all published works by this author and The Dead Pool definitely doesn't disappoint. I was hooked from the very first page. I thought about the characters, places and events long after I had finished the book and was so glad I visited The Dead Pool. The ending was so unexpected and very moving - it made me cry and it made me think. Take a swim in The Dead Pool...you will come out refreshed and feeling very much alive.
                                                                 *    *    *    *
JD has many tales certain to fill that space inside your soul that craves horror. Read and enjoy. And be very afraid.
JD Phillips is a Woman In Horror!
Blaze McRob

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