Tuesday, February 16, 2016





Fiona Mcvie is my Woman In Horror today! Fiona has been doing interviews with great authors for around three years now. How many author interviews has she done? Over 3,000 and she's still going strong. Her website http://authorsinterviews.wordpress.com/  is a delight to traverse. If you're looking for a particular author, simply type the author's name into the search button and hit go. Let your author friends know that they have a home on Fiona's website to spread the word about their books.

Fiona, a young Scottish lassie, loves writing poetry, reading, baking, and cooking, but her main mission is to introduce as many authors to readers as she can. My wife, Terri DelCampo, was ecstatic when she was interviewed by Fiona a short time ago. It was her first interview. She is still thrilled about it.

Fiona has done many interviews with Women In Horror, as well as with writers in many other genres. The search engines list these interviews in multiple places. This helps all authors to get even more recognition. That, my friends, is a good thing.
Fiona was born in Germany. Her Dad was in the service for twenty one years, so she was lucky to travel a lot. Her family moved to Scotland when she was twelve, and she stayed there ever since. She left school and became a chef until she became a mum. She is single with four children and four grandchildren.

The past couple years I have been copying entire interviews from Fiona's website to share here, but this year I won't. I believe it's better if you read them in their entirety on Fiona's site. I even have one there. You can see what kind of a twisted dude I am.

Here's a link to an interview where Fiona was the interviewee.  
https://jannistyles1.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/one-dog-and-his-spirited-master-one-author-interviewer-extraordinaire-thank-you-fiona-j-mcvie/  You can learn a lot about the Queen lady of interviews there.

From me, and on behalf of many other authors, I want to thank Fiona for all she does.

Fiona Mcvie is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob