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Berserker, by William Meikle, is out in Kindle and paperback versions. Don't miss this great Viking horror tale. This is a fantastic beast story!

Blaze McRob

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Book description:

 Sometimes the monsters are real…

For Tor and Skald this is their first Viking raid, and their minds are filled with thoughts of honor and glory. What awaits them are beasts - huge, hairy and fanged, the Alma, who will not suffer intruders in their domain. When the Vikings slaughter a female Alma they soon find themselves in the middle of a battle with vicious creatures bent on bloody revenge. Now they must stand and be counted, for destiny awaits in the mountains, where the hairy ones dance.

Praise for Berserker

I highly recommend Berserker to anyone looking for a fast, fun and exciting horror story that is as well-written as it is original. - SCOTT WHITMORE

The narrative crashes over you like a tidal wave, punches you like a mailed fist, and carries you along with joyful, gory abandon. This book is meant to be consumed with gusto.-INNSMOUTH FREE PRESS

...maintains a delicate balance between character development, plot and brutal action. BERSERKER is an intelligent, fast-paced pulp fantasy novel! William Meikle writes to turns conventions on their heads. - PAGE HORRIFIC

Once again Willie Meikle has crafted a first class adventure story, the narrative rushes along like a Viking longboat caught in a strong tailwind. That's not to say that Willie skimps on characterisation and plot. The story is peppered throughout with Viking mythology which adds to the reading enjoyment. Not that there was any doubt that this was going to be a
great read, I mean Vikings verses Yeti, you know that's going to be a killer book. - GINGER NUTS OF HORROR 

Format: Kindle Edition
I'd heard of Willie Meikle several times, but I had never read any of his work until BERSERKER. Now I know why folks are talking about him.

Vikings vs. Yeti. Seriously, who wouldn't be drawn to that? When a group of vikings stop at a deserted village looking for plunder, they are suprised by a huge, hairy hominid. They kill it, and then the onslaught begins.

Those darn yeti don't seem to appreciate the slaughter of one of their kin, so they attack the vikings and destroy their boats, leaving them with no way to escape. Thus it's no longer Fight or Flight, but Fight or Die.

This book grabbed me right off the bat and pulled me through the story like a yeti dragging away a viking corpse. The writing style is fast and largely unobtrusive, which I like.

Intense, bloody, and graphic in places, it's a damn good read, but probably not a novel for the sqeamish.

--David McAfee
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Yes, before reading Berserker, I was a Kindle virgin. In fact, I was a skeptic and didn't think I could enjoy a novel on an e-reader. Well, I was wrong. Not only did I enjoy Berserker, after the first page I totally forgot that I was reading on a Kindle. I was sucked into a world of Vikings and big, hairy, nasty beasts that was so grossly captivating that I'm now an e-reader fan. I went from looking at my Kindle with suspicion to carrying the thing around the house so I could sneak in a chapter whenever I could. The story has been summarized well already, so I won't do that, but I will say that the action, gore, lore, history and mythology all combined to make this one of my favorite books I've read in the past year, perhaps longer. Highly recommended!
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Well I've just began dabbling in the Kindle Monster Book world since I seem to have made my way through the physical monster books I can get my hands on. This book welcomed me to this world with open arms.

I read Menkle's Abominable and it was sorta "Meh" to me as far as a big snow monster book goes. BERSERKER is everything I wanted from abiminable...and more.

First off, the action pretty much keeps going throughout the whole book, AND YET...the author STILL manages to develop his characters...a feat not always accomplished in this genre.

The story is about a group of Viking that run aground on a new bit of land and are confronted with not one...but a large tribe of large snow-beasts. The action is fast, smart and gruesome (the way I like it) and the ending is quite satisfying. This is DEFINITELY worth the read...especially for the price.


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