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Tres Blue, by Robert W. Walker, is ready for you to wrap your mind around and have some reading fun. This is a paranormal mystery with a female sleuth and a transgender theme somehow alongside laugh out loud dark humor.The book description below will give you even more cool stuff.

Robert is a very prolific author. Check out his other great books on his Amazon Author Page

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Book Description:

 When FBI psychic Dr. Aurelia Murphy Hiyakawa is asked in on a case in New Orleans, she soon learns that the missing 'Gone Girls' may as yet be alive, and that their abductor is a 'collector' rather than a typical serial abductor/killer. With three missing and as yet no clue as to where they may be, the only saving grace is that no bodies have shown up. There is little about this case that resembles anything that 'Rae" Hiyakawa has faced before in PSI Blue and DEJA Blue. But the case takes on a new wrinkle that no one could have predicted when Rae's psychic abilities see into the heart of the victims, and the secret...what it is about them that attracts the Collector. What they all have in common. It is not a typical case by any means, nor can authorities find a typical pattern in the victimology. In fact, the Collector may have good reason for abducting these particular victims. Reasons no one but Rae can ultimately fathom.

"Sometimes a case looks like one thing when it is entirely another. Sometimes it takes paranormal means to get at the truth" -- FBI Agent Rae Hiyakawa..

At the same time that Rae is investigating with the help of the NOPD in the Crescent City, she has to deal with her daughter, Nia, whose teen angst has Rae at her wit's end trying to determine how to 'play' the right card(s) with Nia. Comic relief as seen in the modern day problems of teenagers. Rae's ghostly parents also return to tell her how to raise her child, giving advice from the grave. Meanwhile, other mainstay characters of the series return as well as new ones. The novel is both laugh out loud funny and a serious crime detection story at once. Enjoy TRE`S BLUE by Robert W. Walker, author of over 60 published novels, including Bloodscreams and Instinct Series, PSI Blue and DEJA Blue.

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