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Terri DelCampo is my Woman In Horror today! As you can tell from all her links above, Terri is very active, not only with her tales of horror, but with everything else she does as well. She is developing quite a following for her children's books, but it is her horror tales which drew her to me. Her stories are eclectic and edgy.

I discovered her through her online magazine, Owl's Eye View Magazine. At the time, the magazine was free and on a website. I very much liked what I read. 

The entire concept of the magazine is fresh and unusual with a Twilight Zone meets reality which might not be reality and is a fantastic paradox of thought and eventualities. I was charmed with her style and the way she was able to weave horror through her literary stories. When her website was giving her problems and she asked me as a friend what she should do, I told her to move the magazine to Amazon Kindle, where it resides now. Her monthly issues are only $.99. At the end of the year, she combines all the issues from the previous year into a grand behemoth of reading pleasure.
In Terri's words:

"The only thing more fun than reading an ooky story that keeps me up all night, is writing one that keeps YOU up all night! Terri DelCampo, Managing Editor, OEV Magazine."

"Owl's Eye View Magazine is a dark fiction publication that concerns itself with all things Owl's Nest, Delaware."

"Owl's Nest, Delaware is the fictional town where the author, Terri DelCampo sets most of her novels and stories."

"The columnists for OEV are all residents of Owl's Nest, Delaware. (Affectionately referred to as Owl's.)"

Terri told me she also had written some short story collections, novellas, and novels, and once more asked my advice. As before, I told her to publish them on Kindle. As of the moment, she has thirty one books up there. Quite impressive.

One of my personal favorites is Owl Guts. This is a scary collection of tales. And . . . and it is very dark. I think I love it because it is a thinking person's book. No fluff or over-description. Deep in the soul horror, that which we can understand and acknowledge at the same time we look for deeper meanings. Those which reside within the collection of stories. Simply go to Amazon and read from the free sample. You'll be hooked.

Terri's Amazon bio:

"Terri DelCampo is a writer and editor at Visionary Press Collaborative as well as an admitted write-a-holic. She is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, a dark fiction monthly offered on Amazon. Additionally she has authored seven novels and well over a dozen short story collections as Kindle Books, soon to be published in print as well. She contributes stories to, and one of her stories will appear in an up-coming multi-press anthology which she's excited about. She insists that her personal life conjures her ooky tales, which is a somewhat disturbing thought, but then she is engaged to a horror writer. She believes cheese is the greatest invention of all time, and only shares hers with her closest friends and family.  Disabled since 2009, Terri is a mother of two, grandmother of four (2 human, 2 canine), has worked as a pharmacy tech, corporate writer, and waitress, all of which have inspired her writing...some spurring helpful articles, some spurring ooky chilling tidbits from the darkest, cob-webbiest corners of her mind. Muahaha... 

For a great in-depth interview between Terri and Fiona Mcvie, go to This was Terri's first interview, and she was thrilled. This interview covers bunches of goodies. I even found out some things, and I know Terri very well. Terri's written words led me to respect her greatly as an author and a person. I fell in love with my little Woman In Horror, and we were married this past September.

Terri also had a youtube interview with Tony Wolf Paw at Terri does a great job with this and Tony is a master of getting folks to relax and enjoy being with him.

Just recently, Terri got to talk with LR Shaw  which involved ReSource Network Radio. Check out this interview and see others that ReSource Network Radio has done.

Terri is a busy lady indeed! I will post some purty pictures of some of her great books below.                   

We all need ooky and the willies, and Terri DelCampo is the lady who dishes them out.

Terri DelCampo is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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