Sunday, October 4, 2015


Loose The Gods of War, by Tyr Kieran, is this week's Scary Sunday Tale! You won't want to miss this one for sure. Sir Tyr writes of Nazi's, the old Gods, and much more, in this great story. A lot of times one has to wonder what might have been had certain things come about. This story will get into your head and ask that question. I have only included the very beginning of this fantastic story below, so go to the link above and read the entire story. Tyr has many more great stories at the Pen Of The Damned website. Read some of those while you're too. All of them are free for you to enjoy.

Blaze McRob

Loose The Gods of War

Private Wilhelm Hausser stood trembling, and for the first time it wasn’t because of the perpetual screams from behind the door of his post or the gruesome state of the bodies he was tasked to drag out and dispose of each day. This time, his body shook under a flood of adrenaline invoked by a different type of scream.
In an echoing torrent, Hausser’s commanding officer scolded him between gasps of air. Lieutenant Altstacht’s frame jerked and twitched with each exclamation, engorged veins pulsing in his neck, but his right hand held firm—the hand holding the loaded 9mm Luger inches from Wilhelm’s face.
“…unacceptable. You will face severe repercussions!”
Both men dripped sweat and struggled to keep their breath as the situation escalated. The other solider, on post opposite Wilhelm, pressed himself against the wall, doing his best to become invisible.
None of them noticed the clopping footsteps approach until they stopped. Private Hausser’s eyes drifted to the waiting group of men. Their identity was unmistakable—black uniforms emblazoned with dual lightning bolt letters and a silver skull glimmering atop their helmets. Wilhelm, in sync with the other Private, jolted into a rigged stance, their complexions more pallid, their right arms raised . . .

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