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Dolly Did It, by William Cook, is free for two more days! Take advantage of this great deal now. William is one of the darkest minds in horror. Don't miss his offering to sate that gnawing in your terror bones!

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Book description:

 When dreams become nightmares and the past refuses to die. . .
Members of Cynthia's family are dying one by one and she doesn't know how to stop it from happening. Cynthia records the macabre events in her journal as they occur and tries to come to terms with the fact that her old dolly, Samantha, has begun to haunt her dreams. Cynthia is on the cusp of becoming a young woman as her thirteenth birthday looms, but her past refuses to let her go as she battles her nightmares that foreshadow the death of her family members. Her old dolly, that her mother stored in the attic, has come out of the shadows and now inhabits Cynthia's frightening and prophetic dream-world. But are her nightmares merely products of her imagination, or are they something more than that? Something more real, more frightening, and more dangerous than any dream could ever be? From the author of Blood Related and Dreams of Thanatos

*Bonus Features: includes an additional short story - 'The Reader' from Dreams of Thanatos

Warning: contains adult content + themes of supernatural and psychological horror.

"William Cook tells a gruesome story with a sense of authenticity that makes you question with considerable unease if it really is fiction, after all."
– Graham Masterton, author of The Manitou and Descendant

“This man is simply scary. There is both a clinical thoroughness and a heartfelt emotional thoroughness to his writing. He manages to shock as well as empathize, to scare as well as acclimatize, yet beneath it all is a well read intelligence that demands to be engaged. I loved Blood Related. Ordinarily I hate serial killer stories, but William Cook won me over. He is a unique and innovative talent.”
– Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Dog Days

By Book Nut on September 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I read this story by William Cook and it literally sent chills up my spin! I thought the characters were well written and the story flowed well. While it is a short story, it did not make me feel like I was missing out or being rushed through the story. Loved it! Highly recommended!

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