Thursday, September 3, 2015


The latest issue of The Sirens Call eZine is out, and it's free! This issue is devoted to Supernatural Horror and has many of my favorite authors as well as some I am new to, but that won't last long as I will certainly devour this issue. I love finding new authors.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy. Sirens Call rocks!

Blaze McRob

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Featuring 109 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, & Poetry of Supernatural Horror! Images by, and an interview with, artist Emilie L├ęger; plus an interview with Ela Lourenco discussing her latest YA Fantasy release - Dragon Born.
  From Nina D'Arcangela: We just released our latest ezine - issue #22 of The Sirens Call featuring Supernatural Horror!
Thank you to all the contributors: Artist Emilie Leger; Authors Ela Aysan Lourenco, Anthony Avina, Brian Burmeister, Mark Cassell, Nina D'Arcangela, Tony Flynn, David J. Gibbs, D.B. Heath, Jon Ingoldby, Rivka Jacobs, Michelle Ann King, Gwendolyn Kiste, Siren Knight, D.C. Lam, Lori R. Lopez, Kip McKnight, Helen Mihajlovic, Brian Olszewski, Michelle Podsiedik, Jonathan Rae Rivera, Brian Rosenberger, Andrew Rowland, Julianne Snow, Angelica Stevens, Karen Soutar, David-John Tyrer, Jon Steinhagen, D.S. Ullery, Jack Warren, and Alex Woolf!
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From Lori R. Lopez. 
So much terrific horror, and it's FREE. I am always proud to be part of SIRENS CALL! Here's the latest issue, which includes my poem "Unburying The Dead"!

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