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This post is up on William Cook's website on the link above. I only posted a small tid-bit below to pique your interest. I find anything that Armand Rosamilia says to be interesting, and this interview between him and William Cook is that and more. Hit the magic link above and get rolling. You'll be glad you did.

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Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors #9 – Armand Rosamilia

Hi again and welcome to the next fascinating interview in the popular series, Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors. This interview is with the very interesting Armand Rosamilia. Armand is a staunch indie author who has been at the coal-face of digital publishing for many years. Along the way he has written many great horror books and has supported and implemented many initiatives in the indie publishing world, especially in his favorite field of zombie horror fiction. Anyway, before we kick off this interview, just a quick reminder on some of the wickedly good interviews lined up for you over the next month, including VIP guest interviews from best-selling indie authors David Moody, Jeremy Bates, Michael Bunker, J. Thorn, Michael Bray, Michael J Sullivan, Ruth Ann Nordin and Michale Thomas. Don't miss any of these interviews, make sure you subscribe now to get on the mailing list for all updates and new-release information (there is a link with a special offer at the end of this interview if you'd rather get straight into it). Here he is, the talented Mr Armand Rosamilia.

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