Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I am very happy to announce that Terri and I can show this great wedding youtube to all our family and friends! Beverly Cialone did an absolutely fantastic job! Beverly does our youutube book trailers and I asked her about doing this for us. She gladly took the task on. If you need book trailers or special occasions like ours, get a hold of her. This is the link to her great youtubes:

Once again, I want to thank Patricia Burgess for being our wedding officiant. She was absolutely perfect. Here is her business link .

We had a small wedding, filled with much love, with family and friends. Thank you for making our day so perfect. All these lovely people were present at our wedding:  
Linda Gregg, Havard Gregg, Christine Heeger, Ashlyn Nicole Heeger, Alex Heeger, J.P. Heeger, Terry Margoluis Segal, Fred Segal, Alma Cabel Dytoc, Bronne Dytoc, Patricia Burgess, Jorge Ascunce, and Nicole Harris.

To all the ones we love who could not be at our wedding, we have this lovely youtube for all of you. Again, much love to everyone!

Blaze McRob

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