Monday, September 21, 2015


He Sang She Sang is a great musical duo living in Northern Georgia, consisting of Alma Dytoc and Bronne Dytoc. As you can see below, they have some friends helping them out: 

Members: Bronne Dytoc - songwriter, arranger, guitarist, vocalist Alma Dytoc - songwriter, arranger, keyboardist, percussionist, vocalist Joyful Dytoc - band mascot and DOGager (canine manager)
Genre: Acoustic Rock: compelling originals & inventive renditions of hits from past and present
Hometown: Pilipinas
Terri, my new bride, and I met Alma and Bronne on our first excursion to Alpharetta, Georgia's Food Truck Alley. This is the site where Terri and I have our weekly date night. We loved their fantastic music styling from their first tune. And . . . and their stage presence. I love that!
In the picture above, you will see Alma and Bronne - Alma is wearing the blue dress - standing behind us as Terri and I are taking our vows. Guess it's pretty easy to tell that Alma and Bronne are part of our family now. This goes far beyond appreciation of their musical expertise or friendship. Chosen family is always the best.
He Sang She Sang is a great musical duo. Alma and Bronne Dytok are wonderful family. 
Blaze McRob

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