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Amazon is not playing nice with allowing me to post book reviews because I know so many authors. Weird. However, I am going through book reviews of mine which are posted, as these great authors deserve recognition. I only post Four and Five Star reviews. I either love a book, and I post a great review, or I don't post one. I will never post a bad review. That's not my style. So, if I give a review, it is because I genuinely love the book.

The Last Vampire, by Kathryn Griffith Meyer, is one of those. This is my favorite End Days tale of all time! My review is below. I guarantee you will love this super book.

Blaze McRob

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 Book description:

 Author's new revised edition...never before released as an ebook! The earthquakes with their falling ash, the global floods and the devastating fires arrive first. Then the worldwide plague with its stench of death. And as mankind suffers and dies out, vampires, their numbers dwindling, struggle and fight fiercely among themselves to survive in a world where there aren’t enough humans to prey and feed upon. As the weeks go by they become fewer, more desperate and more ruthless.

Emma, as the world disintegrates around her, finds herself alone, family all have perished…and fending off an unnatural hunger as she becomes one of the undead. Fighting her unwanted destiny she’s determined to resist the bloodlust she feels, the need to kill and feed on humans, of losing her humanity, for as long as she can bear it…but she’s so hungry…and the night calls.

on November 1, 2010
Too often, vampires are either the horrific beasts of old or the new romantic heart throbs. I prefer the nasty buggers. This novel certainly has those, but it also comes up with an entirely different concept which personalizes the protagonist and endears her to your heart. Without destroying the story for you, when you blend this in with the other horrific aspects of the world taking place, it becomes riveting, drawing you in to see where the author is going to take us next. Just when I thought I had it figured out, there would be new twists and turns. My kind of novel! I read roughly 100 novels a year. The Last Vampire is at the top of my list

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