Saturday, July 4, 2015


Modern Mythmakers, by Michael McCarthy, and published by Crystal Lake Publishing, is free until July 5th! Get your copy now! I have a copy of this great book and have to say the article with Elvira is great, and that is only one of many. Get those buy button fingers busy now.

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Since Crystal Lake Publishing knows the importance of having good non-fiction books read by the fans of the legends who came before us, MODERN MYTHMAKERS by Michael McCarty will be free from July 2nd to July 5th. Please spread the word and leave a review if you can.
Just look at this line-up: Foreword by Alan Dean Foster; Forrest J. Ackerman; C. Dean Andersson; Adrienne Barbeau; Ray Bradbury; Ramsey Campbell; John Carpenter; Dan Curtis; Elvira; Rusty Fischer; Neil Gaiman; Mick Garris; Laurell K. Hamilton; George Clayton Johnson; Jack Ketchum; Dean Koontz; Herschell Gordon Lewis; Thomas Ligotti; Bentley Little; Graham Masterton; Richard Matheson; Joe McKinney; Christopher Moore; Night of the Living Dead Crew: John Russo, Kyra Schon, & Russ Streiner; William F. Nolan; Ingrid Pitt; Linnea Quigley; Fred Olen Ray; John Saul; David Snell; Darce Stoker; Peter Straub; Whitley Strieber; Timothy Zahn; Afterword by The Amazing Kreskin.
... “Interesting interviews, masterfully compiled…” – Horror News
“… beware the dark, and what lurks in the minds of those you read and watch in the wee hours. These are the people that can see into that place, interpret it, and hand us back some of our most frightening nightmares... Highly recommended." – Hellnotes
So come and get Michael McCarty’s MODERN MYTHMAKERS in Kindle or paperback (available in Kindle Unlimited, as well):
For more info and reviews visit Crystal Lake Publishing:

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