Saturday, June 20, 2015


Magenta Nero has once again come up with a tale not only of the Dark, but one that talks to your soul. I'm a sucker for these stories. Magenta leaves you with the feeling these tales are true. Perhaps they are. It doesn't matter, does it? Either way, they are great. The Remains is one of those stories. Read it and find the beauty in its words and the message it portrays. I believe you will agree with me.

I have only posted a snippet below. Go to the link above and read this story in its entirety. While you're at the Pen Of The Damned website, read more of Magenta's super offerings. She is a super author!

Blaze McRob

The Remains

Emily was woken by the sound of chopping wood. Jimmy was swinging his axe early that morning. Thick logs cracked, split in two and fell with a dull thud. It was a familiar and comforting sound.
She didn’t have the energy to move around much anymore, even the slightest movement left her gasping with pain. Emily gazed at the large glass of water on the bedside table, wishing she could reach for it. Her throat was scorched and her mouth was sour. She coughed and her chest felt like a rattling heap of bones. Her breath was a loud, tender wheeze.
Jimmy would be in soon. He would stroke her hair and smile down at her. She closed her eyes and pictured him out there in the cold, preparing for their evening fire. She began to recall all the fires they had shared together. It was an exercise she liked to do often. It comforted her and kept her mind occupied, which helped to alleviate the pain. She wondered how long before the fire would be hers alone. Flames flickered in her vision, in shades of orange and yellow, stretching into long, howling faces that mocked her. She didn’t open her eyes again.

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