Monday, June 29, 2015


Catch SUB - TerraneanS, by Robert W. Walker, the fifth book in The Bloodscreams Series! Abe Stroud must fight horrible monsters once again. When I picture these books about Abe Stroud in my head, I think of a demon-fighting Indiana Jones.

Get charged up and settle in for a wild ride!

Blaze McRob

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Book description:

Archaeologist Dr. Abraham Stroud has faced off against vampire colonies, werewolf packs, and zombie hordes,in previous digs. Abe now faces the worst monsters in his experience -- The SubterraneanS: creatures straight out of the earth, cemeteries to be exact, but now they are expanding and are the root cause of sinkholes. They are tired of feeding on the dead in cemeteries and are now coming after you and me. This is a creature like nothing seen before, and it threatens all of mankind. Once again Abe Stroud goes to war with the supernatural. Previous titles in the series in order are Vampire Dreams, Werewolf's Grief, Zombie Eyes, and Bayou Wulf.

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