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A Jar Of Fingers: The Complicated Life Of Deegie Tibbs Book 1, written by C.L Hernandez, is now published! I have been a fan of C.L.'s for a while now. She is a multiple Woman In Horror recipient and quite deservedly so. As much as I love her short stories, I have been waiting for her to write some longer works. My wait is over. I just purchased this great book and suggest you do the same. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Look at the reviews below. Wow!

Happy reading!

Blaze McRob

Book Description:

Deegie Tibbs is an independent young witch with a funky little shop that sells magical items, a crazy collection of magical friends, and a brand new (haunted) house, complete with ghosts in the walls and a basement with a gallon jar of human fingers and its very own demon. It’s a complicated life…and things are about to get really weird.

By M. Bryan on May 27, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
WOW! Just wow! Jar of Fingers: The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs, book 1 has ticked every box on my 'awesome book' list. This book will have you laughing, scared as hell and sitting on the edge of your seat.
Deegie Tibbs is a young woman living in the quiet town of Fiddlehead Creek and runs a potion/tea shop called The Silent Cat. Pretty normal right? That is until she catches her cheating boyfriend in the act and ends up turning the other woman into a frog and saddling her ex with a set of DDD knockers. That's right folks...she's a witch!
But that is only the beginning. Now without a home she decides to purchase an old house with a questionable past. The house comes with a lot more than Deegie bargains for. Haunted by ghosts and harboring an ancient evil, she must now find a way to defeat this evil that has unintentionally been let loose.
Witches, magic, spirit guardians and demons, what more can you ask for? This book has it all. I can safely say I have not been this impressed with a book in quite a while. This is our first glimpse into the world of Deegie Tibbs and it is amazing! C L Hernandez will be the author to watch out for! I cannot wait for the next in the series! 5 out of 5 shiny stars. 
  By Thomas on May 30, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
It's official, a classic has been born. This book, along with the characters, will soon become iconic in horror fiction. Cindy has added her unique quirk to produce a truly remarkable piece of horror fiction.

In a nutshell, we have Deegie Tibbs, the protagonist. A young witch who finds herself in a complicated situation. Deciding to get, while the getting is good, she relocates. Most people would look for a nice house, fully furnished, pleasing to the eye, in a pleasant area. But Deegie isn't like most people. Besides being a witch with supernatural powers, she is also very introvert in her fashion, interests, and behaviour. She is truly an extraordinary human being, that we cannot help but fall in love with. We sympathize with the difficult past she has overcome, and find ourselves smiling at her charming sense of humour. Deegie is the kind of character that would hold a story together, without riveting plot twists and compelling story lines. The kind of character that is utterly mystifying.

But alas, we do in fact have mind-blowing action and a thick, captivating plots. When Deegie is house-hunting and finds an unusual property that looks neglected, she takes on the challenging task of bringing a new lease of life to the building. She expected hard work, labour, possibly reconstruction. But what the young witch didn't expect, was the spirits lurking in the house.

Deegie is no stranger to the paranormal, so at first, she is rather appealed by the otherworldly presence. One may even say, excited. Until the true reason why the house was vacant for so many years, is discovered.

I love how Cindy brings a refreshing new look at magic and witchery. There are elements that date back centuries. In fact the book, in my opinion, slightly resembles 'Practical Magic', the incredible movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. But Cindy brings a new set of rules to the craft, with some powerful, chilling, and even comical spells. Deegie herself has been characterized flawlessly, for not only the previous reasons mentioned, but for another strong reason. See Deegie suffers from a condition that makes using her inherited abilities difficult. Cindy clearly spent a great deal of time producing Deegie, along with other characters, both good and bad. There is even an element of romance tangled in the tale.

I haven't read a book that flowed so easily in a very long time. Even as a self-confessed bookworm, my weakness being horror, I still sometimes struggle to finish a book if I find the plot to have an uneven pace and odd structure. But again, this wasn't a problem with 'A Jar Of Fingers'. The flow and pace is handled with expert precision and control. Because of this, we have an easily readable book that you don't want to put down. Cindy clearly respects her readers. Because as much time as she has spent coming up with this original concept for a book series, she makes it very easy to digest, but also very addictive. Don't expect to get anything done once you start reading this. Chores and errands will be disregarded until you finish this.

A special mention has to go to Cindy's style of writing. Both poetic and descriptive, with some impressive metaphors mixed in, to truly paint a picture in the reader's mind. How she depicts a scene is fantastic. She expresses vividly the location, along with the characters and their temperaments, and the vibe of the particular scene.

I cannot recommend this book enough! It has all the ingredients of a ground-breaking new franchise: gifted writing, lovable characters, interesting back story, breath-taking excitement and adrenaline, and a truly unforgettable tale.

The only downside? Eventually, the story ends. But do not fear, apparently there are a few more books to come in this series, that is rather clear by the end of this book! So be patient, all good things come to those who wait.

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