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The Cure, by JG Faherty, is a fast paced action/horror story. It will suck you in in short order. The very premise behind the tale is fresh and intriguing. No same old boring crap type of story with this great tale. Give it a try! You will be in for a treat!

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Book Description

May 5, 2015
She was born with the power to cure. Now she’s developed the power to kill.
Leah DeGarmo has the power to cure with just a touch. But with her gift comes a dark side: Whatever she takes in she has to pass on, or suffer it herself. Now a sadistic criminal has discovered what she can do and he’ll stop at nothing to control her. He makes a mistake, though, when he kills the man she loves, triggering a rage inside her that releases a new power she didn’t know she had: the ability to kill. Transformed into a demon of retribution, Leah resurrects her lover and embarks on a mission to destroy her enemies. The only question is, does she control her power or does it control her?

5.0 out of 5 stars Imagine you had the power to cure... May 5, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Imagine you had the power to cure – however seriously injured and apparently beyond help – any living being that inhabits the earth. That would be a wonderful gift, right? Especially if you happened to be a veterinarian? Dr Leah DeGarmo is just such a person. Her ability to effect the Cure has helped countless numbers of her animal patients and their grateful owners. But with this gift comes a curse. In order to cure, she must take in the disease or injury of the one she is helping. Then she has just a limited time to pass it or she will develop all the symptoms. Over the years, she has developed a way of handling this. It works. No one is any the wiser. They think their pets have recovered under her skillful care. No one knows her secret. Of course, that couldn’t last, could it?

The Cure is fast-paced and original. As the story progresses, Leah is drawn into a deadly world where her powers are discovered by ruthless criminals of the worst kind. They will stop at nothing to exploit her gift and any refusal to co- operate carries a price tag she cannot afford. Deep within her an anger grows – and when Leah is angry, you’d better get out of her way. Fast.

As I have to come to expect with JG Faherty’s expertly crafted stories, this was a riveting story, full of twists and turns, strong characters and a compulsive plot. I empathised with Leah. I suffered with her. Just when I thought she might make it, along came another enemy. I genuinely had no idea how the story would resolve and the ending fitted perfectly. Thoroughly recommended. Suspenseful, thrilling horror. 
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Opening line..."She was born with the power to cure. Now she's developed the power to kill." I'm in.

Leah Degarmo is a veterinarian with the power to cure with just a touch, but her gift comes with a dark side: whatever she takes in she has to pass on, or suffer it herself.

I've read a number of stories recently where the principal character has interesting powers and I don't mind telling you they have all been among my favorites.

The Cure is certainly a page turner and I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. As the story grew and the pressures on our heroine mounted, so did her talents, what starts out as a simple way to help pets and their owners turns into something much more terrifying.

When her secret gets out and into the hands of some very bad people that's when it really hits the fan, but by the story's end when things seem to be calming down, they are actually much worse than ever.

With just a small suspension of disbelief, the plausibility of everything else is rather simple and there is an overall feeling of helplessness throughout. Every time you think you've seen the worst that could happen, something even worse happens. Fun.

I get the feeling the end is not really the end, although I have not seen any word on plans for a sequel, there is plenty left to be explored.

The Cure is available in paperback and ebook formats from Samhain Horror through their website and


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