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Here's a fascinating collection about evil toys in the attic, just begging for authors to submit to. This is compiled and edited by Mary Genvieve Fortier, so you know it has to be great! Read the guidelines below and get in on the fun.

Toys In The Attic: A Collection Of Evil Playthings is an anthology the smart people are looking at. Get started now!

Blaze McRob

An old house; one that has stood many generations. WAITING… You step inside and begin to explore. “Was this a good idea?” You begin to doubt, but continue to step deeper within the eerie darkness. Something stirs above. Should you investigate? Wandering, you reach the second floor landing. In the center of the upstairs hall, directly above, you discover a trap door. You know, the one that leads to something so terrible, you dare not think to touch it, much less attempt to open the latch! Nevertheless, you are drawn to inspect further. Something is stirring above… of this, you have no doubt. You stand upon tip toe, stretching as far as your fingers will allow, until you grasp the cord attached to the door. With a loud creaking it opens; releasing a set of stairs, descending before you. Gazing up, there is nothing but a black hole. There! Again! That stirring! Against your better judgement, you begin to climb. Sweat forms upon your brow with each step, as your stomach turns sour. Still, you climb. Those few stairs feel an eternity to ascend. There at the top, nothing. Dark and empty… nothing. Your eyes adjust… Wait! Beneath the cobwebs and years of layered dust, stands a long, wooden chest. Is it locked? Hmmm… You step within the musty room. There, propped against the side of the chest, an old metal rod. You pick it up, using it to pry open what should have been left locked away, eternally. Toys! Old toys! Somewhere in the darkness, a melody plays, soft and haunting. A music box? NO! A small carousel is moving beside you. It’s once colorful horses bobbing in time. You look about. There are toys everywhere! Old, broken, forgotten toys fill this attic room. A doll, cracked skull, hairless, limbs askew; stares from behind one eye. The other an empty, hollow socket. A rocking horse begins to sway in the corner. Toy soldiers, their green metal chipped and rusted. How odd; they appear in battle stance, staring… Suddenly, the trap door closes. Darkness… the stirring… These toys… You know why they have been locked away. You stand among evil incarnate. The melody stops. No one hears your final cries…
TOYS IN THE ATTIC, will be an anthology of horror like no other. I want you to SCARE ME! Use your imagination. Gore is acceptable, but if possible, try to scare me in other ways. I really like to be scared!
Stories: 4,000 words “FIRM” No explicit/implied sexual content No unnecessary foul language No child/animal abuse No Bizarro themes No reprints/ No simultaneous submissions
You may submit up to two stories, although, only one story per author will be accepted for publication in this anthology.
No Footers/No Headers Double Space/12 Times New Roman
Poetry: 500 word limit No prose, no haikus Rhyme and meter a must! Tell me a story- a scary story. Follow the rules of content found in the “story” guidelines above. No reprints/No simultaneous submissions You may submit up to two poems, although, only one poem per author will be accepted for Publication in this anthology. No Footers/No Headers Single Space/12 Times New Roman
Choose a toy from the attic. A toy from your childhood. Any toy! BUT- It must be a toy that is found in an attic! That must be made clear in each story/poem.
Please, send me your toy of choice. You need to inquire about your chosen toy prior to submission. I want each story unique; meaning, a toy can be used but once in the anthology. TEDDY BEARS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOY SELECTION!
I have some of the very best artists in the horror genre, involved in this anthology!
Your work will be showcased with great SCARE!
The deadline is August 1, 2015 or until filled.
Send submissions to:
Subject line: Name/Type of Submission/Title of Piece
Be sure to include word count and
“PAYPAL” email for the purpose of the “Editor’s Choice Award.”
One “Editor’s Choice,” will be selected in the story category and one for poetry.
PAYMENT: Two 25.00 "Editor's Choice Awards" and one Kindle copy upon release of publication.
Acceptances will be in stages. Final acceptance/rejection letters will be sent within two weeks after the deadline.
Send submissions to:

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