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If you're a fan of noir mystery tales, check out Dead On: A Noir Mystery Private Eye Novel, by Robert W. Walker. I've always been a fan of this genre/sub-genre. When I was a kid, a copy of Mickey Spillane's latest novel was always taking up residence in my back pocket. 

Delve into the world of noir. Read this great book by Robert W. Walker!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

October 31, 2009 12 - 18 8 - 12
Just when disgraced Atlanta cop-turned-private eye Marcus Rydell prepares to eat his gun, a kid in trouble, a call to duty, and a dirty blonde named Kat Holley stop him cold.

Kat pulls Marcus from his suicidal depression and his soon-to-be demolished apartment building—only to make him face his past. She leads him on a deadly hunt deep into the blackest forest in the Red Earth State. Near the Georgia-Tennessee border in the breathtaking Blue Ridge countryside, the pair watch a safe haven become their death trap.

They seek to destroy a local legend, a cave-dwelling ex-marine and murderer, a monster whose instincts and military training have allowed him to survive in the wilderness for four years, eluding the Feds as well as Atlanta PD. When the hunters become the hunted, they must duel with this psychotic deviant.

(Published in hardcover by Five Star. Approximately 83,000 words.)

Also features excerpts from CUBA BLUE by Robert W. Walker and Lyn Polkabla, and TRUCK STOP by Jack Kilborn and J.A. Konrath.

Praise for Dead On

"Dead On takes the reader's capacity for the imagination of horror to stomach turning depths, and then gives it more twists than a Georgia backroad that paves an Indian trail." -- Armchair Detective Reviews

“Walker’s whip-smart dialogue, vivid characters, and ever-building tension make Dead On a terrifically compelling read.” -- Tess Gerritsen

"Not even fictional characters should have to suffer this much! Walker is at the top of his game." -- Jack Kilborn

"Walker is the best and that's the whole of it." -- Ken Bruen

About the Author

Robert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller novels, including the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran.

Praise for Robert W. Walker

"Masterful." -- Clive Cussler

"Ingenious." -- San Francisco Examiner

"Gruesome." -- The Sunday Oklahoman

"Frightening." -- Midwest Book Review."

"Bone-chilling." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Perfect for Patricia Cornwell fans." -- Mystery Scene

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

At the start of this middling thriller, the first in a new series from Walker (PSI: Blue), Marcus Rydell, a disgraced ex-cop and failed PI on the verge of suicide, and Kat Holley, an attractive doctor bent on revenge, join forces to catch a psychopathic killer. Iden Cantu, four years earlier, slew six people in an Atlanta bloodbath, including Rydell's then police partner and Holley's cop husband. Cantu, who's made a game of stalking and killing the surviving relatives from the bloodbath, never becomes more than an unseen bogeyman until late in the story, when Rydell, Holley and another at-risk family seek refuge in a remote cabin in Georgia's Blue Ridge Lake area. Besieged and taunted by Cantu, Rydell and Holley seek to turn the tables on the sadistic hunter. The climactic struggle arrives too late to save the cumbersome setup and slow-developing plot. Leaden dialogue doesn't help. (July)
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5.0 out of 5 stars exhilarating cat and mouse thriller August 1, 2009
The bloodbath that left his partner Stan Miersky and two uniform cops dead forced Marcus Rydell from the Atlanta police department in disgrace as he survived the massacre by fainting; his wife took their two kids to Ohio. He tried for the last four years to make it as a private investigator, but failed miserably as his heart was never in taking photos of cheating spouses. He now sits in his apartment with a gun contemplating suicide when he hears a noise upstairs that awakens his dormant detective genes. He races upstairs to find a little girl has killed an apparent pervert. Another neighbor Dr. Kat Holley arrives to help the child and invites Marcus to meet her for a drink.

He comes to the bar and she points a gun at him accusing him of killing her husband, APD cop Rydell four years ago in the incident that ended so tragically. She shows him letters from the cop killer hunter Iden Cantu, still eluding the law, who threatens to add her to his count. They agree to team up to capture and she to butcher the psychopath. However, he leaves them a holiday calling card when he tortures and kills the fiancé of the other dead cop from four years ago. Kat and Marcus know he is coming for them and the family members of his partner.

This is an exhilarating cat and mouse thriller that takes too long for the anticipated confrontation to occur; when it does it is first rate. Kat and Marcus are a fascinating couple as neither has moved passed the massacre and both want Iden dead. When their dysfunctional relationship changes from killing Iden to love, some of the steam is lost with the expected switch. Still they make the tale as they plan to hunt the predator; not understanding how clever and diabolical their enemy is though revenge proves extremely pointed.

Harriet Klausner 
5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling, amazing, don't miss this ride!! January 19, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
This review has been a long time coming, since I read this book over a year ago. Still that is only due to my own forgetfulness and haphazard personal management style, rather than anything other than the most positive reflection of the amazing writing and thrilling story contained within these pages. I'm not one for spoilers, so I won't offer any of those here. I mostly aim to boost the Amazon rating for this story, which I had the pleasure of reading in hard cover. The characters were very relatable, the story was powerfully paced and this was definitely one of those stories you just couldn't let go of. This book has its share of bloodshed, mystery, a bag guy with a truly twisted soul and even a bit of romance (interwoven in such a way that had one cheering for their survival on every level). It was all these things and more which drew the reader (in this case me) to turning page after page, hoping that the "killer" would finally get his due and the hero would be the victor. As with any great tale there are expected elements, but Mr. Walker's confident writing style takes you on quite the unexpected journey. I gave this a full compliment of stars and hope that my level of fandom brings others to the club! Because if you are not yet a fan, you surely will be!!

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