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Killion Slade is my Woman In Horror today! I've been reposting a number of Killion's Women In Horror posts on HORRORADDICTS.NET. She has been doing a great job with asking some most fascinating Women In Horror authors just the right questions. Some of her great ladies had already been spot-lighted on my website, but I liked Killion's Q&A's so much that I added those posts on my website to give their fans and potential new readers another chance to find out things I missed.

Now it's her turn. 

Amazon bio:

Winner of the 2012 Wicked Women Writer Award, Killion Slade is a married writing & publishing team who met in Second Life and virtually enjoys everything. Mrs. Slade writes and Mr. Slade publishes. Members of the Horror Writers Association and the Paranormal Romance Guild, they story board their characters inside Second Life as their avatars unfold their stories.

Killion's Debut Novel, Exsanguinate, published on December 9, 2013. Exsanguinate is a paranormal urban fantasy thriller series, where a gaming software developer navigates wicked clues inside her own online role playing game to rescue her kidnapped sisters before they become breeders for a dhampir army.

Killion's published short stories can be found in Sirens Call, The Danse Macabre, Cynic Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Midwest Literary Magazine, and in the anthologies Bite from the Heart, Death Sparkles, Roms, Bombs,and Zoms from Evil Girlfriend Media and the upcoming anthology, The Ghoul Saloon from Static Movement.

Killion was honored as a finalist for their "Robbie the Ghoulie" short story at In the Snake Magazine.

Learn more about Killion Slade by exploring at and, Pinterest & the Twitterverse @killionslade.

Where Scary Can Be Horrifyingly Funny

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The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Killion Slade’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

Welcome back, Biters, to our on-going discussion of vampires… To sparkle, or not to sparkle, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of critics, or take arms against a sea of vampire fanatics, and by opposing them, to die an unrecoverable series death, THAT is the question.
Our next victim is a married writing team who goes by the name Killion Slade. They are a fun team that storyboards their characters inside Second Life as their avatars. Never to be swayed by convention, Killion Slade stands up against the battery of The Great Vampire Dispute’s questions.

This is a great interview with Emerian Rich Go to the link above for the entire interview.

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Today I am very pleased to feature an interview with Killion Slade, author of the new novel Exsanguinate. For those of you unfamiliar with Killion Slade, let’s take a few moments to get everyone acquainted!

The above is the beginning of an inter view between Julianne Snow and Killian. You can read the entire interview here  

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Time to talk about some great books!

 Exsanguianate - A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series (World of Blood Book 1 )

Book Description

December 9, 2013

Where Vampire Urban Fantasy Meets Paranormal Romance!

"They can’t touch you!" What could possibly go wrong at Orlando’s beloved Global Studios Halloween Scream Nights theme park?

Cheyenne O’Cuinn’s task is to study fear even though she is the biggest chicken on the planet. In order to carve out a slice of the billion dollar scare industry for her online role-play company, she researches what causes people to run screaming out of haunted attractions.

Determined to face her own fear of Oldhouseophobia, Cheyenne confronts her bloodcurdling obsession - the dreaded haunted house. Her worst nightmare manifested, Cheyenne is brutally attacked and left for dead by a rogue vampire. Splattered across the front page of the Orlando Sentinel, Cheyenne discovers her sisters are missing while she recovers in the hospital.

The ransom call from the kidnapper sets into motion the rabbit hole of a parallel supernatural reality she must play inside her game to rescue her family. In a race against the hourglass, Cheyenne confronts a double-agent vampire, a cyberchondriac werewolf, and a mafioso dragon. Can they be trusted to help her, or are they a part of the twisted scheme?

With her sister’s lives on the line, Cheyenne has no choice but to beat the kidnappers at their own game and ensnare them with her own brand of deception while fighting for her life and her heart.

What are Reviewers Saying About Exsanguinate?

"Riveted until the final words, which bytheway were cruel in their temptation of the next in this series (and I hope it’s a long one!), I found this to be a whirlwind roller coaster ride of fun, surprise and bottom clenching moments." ~Vix Kirkpatrick - The Daily Bookworm

"Exsanguinate flawlessly blends horror, fantasy, romance, action and humor into one entertaining read.This book has it all and fans of all genres will enjoy it." ~David Watson,

Exsanguinate is the first book in this frighteningly-funny, virtually-unforgettable series. If you have played any RPG (roll-playing game) or have experienced Second Life (SL) or any video game, you will not be able to put this book down. Well ... except when the tears blur your vision, and you need a moment to collect yourself from a roll on the ground belly laugh, or when the intense emotional responses make you hyperventilate in fear for the characters.

Funny, New, Contemporary Vampire Series to Sink Your Teeth Into!~ Emerian Rich, Author and Horror Hostess

"If Killion Slade's book concept was a hybrid horror clone - the style would take the snarky humor from Shaun of the Dead, combine it with the variety of avatars found in World of Warcraft, and give it the agility of movement from Second Life. Then cross that with a 'virtual' romance come to life and lay it at the feet of three 21st century sisters who are in big trouble - and you would simply be touching the edges of this story." ~Rhonda Carpenter, Mark of a Druid

We hope you'll scroll back up, click, and instantly enjoy one of Amazon's top ranking Vampire Urban Fantasies!


5.0 out of 5 stars terror, fun, romance and critters! August 25, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
What an opening chapter!!

This novel has a great opening premise three sisters who run a horror based gaming site; Cheyenne is the main narrator however she is scared of all things scary, especially haunted houses! Dakota is her baby sister and basically the wild child. Counter that with Sheridan the older sister, who is the brains of the outfit, stir in lots of love, giggles, a traumatic matriarch death and a kooky father and you have a fabulous set of characters ready to love.

Then the gaming side of things kicks in, but this really gives a good edge to the story chiefly as Cheyenne’s avatar is basically her alter ego who just happens to be in a two year virtual relationship with Roxas, and boy oh boy does he have a whopper of a secret!

I adored the dogs Beano and Stormaggeddon! They do play an integral part in the story in keeping our heroine sane! As for PADME, Cheyenne’s holographic PA system, she is brilliant and I want one, now.

Up until the haunted house chapter it was all quite pleasant and whilst you could feel a gentle build up of potential horror, even if it was just the fancy dress outfits (the ravenous bush had me in stitches) and I was ready and expecting some gore and splatter but then all hell broke loose and I think I fell into a different novel.
The sudden intensity of the writing and sheer horror of what was going on gave me goose bumps but I was now hooked and needed to get through the terror to see if Cheyenne made it out alive.

On a negative note, there was quite a lot of online gaming speak at the beginning and if you are a total non-player like myself, you might get a bit confused; but it soon pans out and you get used the phrases. I totally loved all the little added extras (links to secret pages), almost like secrets, not sure how a print version would cope with that concept but rock on the e-version!

Also, after the haunted house scene there were so many fabulous ideas, new worlds, new characters and such that it was very intense for a little bit in the middle there and could have almost done with some more filler or at least a slower explanation of everything.

However, when Cheyenne finally heals and her new self is revealed from all the scarring and wounds, a whole underworld is opened to her. The real and the virtual world soon integrate to become a novel of hide and go seek with monsters, kidnapped sisters and plots of world domination.

From this point I could not have put the book down had my house been burning down, thankfully it wasn’t, although my hubby had to fend for himself AND feed the cats!

I loved all the snappy telling, pokes of humour, brilliant supernatural characters and adored the romance element and what women doesn’t want a man to rub her feet!

All the other members of the ExsanguiNation gaming company all come with their own little secrets and make for any interesting lunch and day out at the super spa! (and that’s super as in supernatural! Does your dragon need a manicure??).

Riveted until the final words, which bytheway were cruel in their temptation of the next in this series (and I hope it’s a long one!), I found this to be a whirlwind roller coaster ride of fun, surprise and bottom clenching moments.

I thought the reference list at the end was an amazing way to finish as it really gave a little jolt of reminders of special places in the book.

Kilion Slade is a brand new author and wow what a way to start.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fun! March 17, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
So while I will say that this genre isn't my first go-to when I look for a new book to read, I must say that I was delightfully surprised by the plot and how much I enjoyed reading this book. The characters have good depth to them; they are intriguing, amusing, and well drawn. The technical writing describing the game is done well so that a non-gamer such as I can follow along and understand what is going on. Looking forward to more work from this author! 
                                                       *    *    *    *
A fellow Woman In Horror Vix Kirkpatrick gives this great book a 5 Star Rating. That's good enough for me. Vix knows her stuff. So does Killion.
                                                      *    *    *    *

  Death Sparkles Anthology ( Scary Short Stories )


Book Description

February 24, 2014
Amazon Top 75 Bestselling Short Stories! Top 100 for Kindle Anthologies!
"This collection of tasty stories takes us to the complicated present, with looks into the past for history and motivation, and forward to the imagined future." Janice Brown, Amazon Review (4-Stars)

"A fun little collection! These stories vary from straight-up mystery to a touch of the supernatural to day-after-tomorrow speculative fiction." Wordcarmen, Amazon Review (4-Stars)

"Will recommend this book to a few friends who enjoy mysteries and the bizarre." Steven D, Amazon Review (5-Stars)

The Death Sparkles Anthology collection of scary and mysterious short stories based on the writing prompt of "The diamond necklace dangled from the dead woman's hand."  Proceeds for Literary Education.
"Put together a room full of writers (even virtually), toss out a prompt, and you get an a rich, astonishing mix of interpretations.  We found each other online, via Savvy Authors, and the authors featured in these pages were all part of a one-year intensive writing program. "Class" makes it sound like something they could dip into once or twice a week. This commitment was more like a life-changing obsession. Once accepted, they had to commit to writing a minimum of 1000 words per day for the year, finish the first draft of a novel, go through an intensive editing process, start a second novel, and write, edit, and submit a handful of short stories throughout the year. Different short story assignments had different parameters. This one was simply to have the above line, intact, appear somewhere in the story."
We had such fun with our stories, we decided to collect them into an anthology, and donate any proceeds to a literacy charity. The voices in these stories are as strong and unique as the individuals who created them. They cover a range of genres, but all of them use a diamond necklace and a dead woman as the fulcrum. I love finding new-to-me writers through anthologies, and we all hope you like the range of creative voices presented in these pages.


4.0 out of 5 stars A collection of tasty stories October 13, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
This collection of tasty stories takes us to the complicated present, with looks into the past for history and motivation, and forward to the imagined future. The eternal elements remain the same: greed, lust, power, money of course, and love and hate.

Literal Interpretation by Kelly Whitley
Right down to the weather, picture perfect descriptions move us from family drama to the chase to retrieve a family heirloom. Although it took a long time to get back to it, the tricky discover of the diamond necklace did unfold--with a twist. Nice.

Shiny Things by KT Wagner
From having the best of everything, including the skill to manipulate an aide in charge of mundane tasks, we are privy to the plan of a brilliant mastermind to control his empire while he is in prison doing short time. That includes the important diamond necklace on his conveniently dead wife. KT Wagner leaves no breadcrumb clues as to whether the curse of popularity will make him or, destroy him. You must read it to find out.

Sass by Nina Benneton
Two sisters and a stranger mix religion, the police, and theft of sparkling and valuable treasure, into a unique confessional offering of evil vs. good works. This is an admirable view into the mind of a writer who can have a character sarcastically say, 'hideous canary-yellow cardigan with pockets' and make us cringe.

The Needing by PJ Friel
Obviously taking lessons from an evil parakeet, PJ Friel displays her character, Nina, strung as tight as a violin cord, and a confused detective blinded by greed...and a sparkle. Whatever Nina covets drives her. Consequently, her house is unlike normal chaos, resembling instead pathways through a junk jungle. Addiction? Compulsion? Does it matter where murder is afoot?

A Girl's Best Friend by Diana Holdsworth
Laced with detail to put us in the scene, including the mounting distaste for her husband, Diana portrays a heart pounding desire to escape a trap destined for the madhouse. Through it, she still enjoys a wee bit of extra-marital dalliance while she proves, once again, that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

The Trophy Wife by Killion Slade
The writing team gives us the agony of trying to please a cruel master while being a programmed robotic. He enjoys her errors; they are excuses for further mental torture. Although repetitious, the story is a deep look into the master's intellect that enjoys the show. It may be quite satisfactory for what this genre craves. Feed on!

Who's to Know by Watson Davis
With guns and diamonds, greed and crooked detectives, infidelity comes alive. It is able to slither. It becomes an unexpected weapon of murder.

Persephone's Progeny by Faith Dincolo
Deception is human, we know, and this tale suggests such trickery built into robotics. The unanswered question is: why build human emotions into Robena? Is it merely for sexual enhancement with a level of sighs to entertain her designer whilst doing his bidding? Is she reinventing herself as she experiences new emotions, new ways of fulfilling her own desires. Exploring these input emotions, we get to ponder if lust for the necklace is simply for a possession to prove her newfound power, or again, simply doing her master's bidding.

Sea Diamond by Devon Ellington
Treasure hunting never goes out of style, nor do paid sleuths, or thugs, though it can go inter-planetary. The trick is to figure out who is on your side, and for how long they will be there. Extensive dialogue moves the plot along to a predictably violent conclusion.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great for busy schedules! November 18, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
When a friend recommended I buy this collection, I was a little hesitant because I'm not usually one for murder/mystery/whodunits. I have an extremely demanding schedule and haven't had time a read a novel because I can't get into them enough before having to put them down again, but with this collection, it was the opposite! Whenever I had a spare 15 minutes or lunch break, I could read open up and read a story (or almost an entire one), and feel fulfilled at the end. It was wonderful and I highly recommend it for someone who wants a read that comes in quick, tasty bites. 
                                                                    *    *    *    *
Once more the reviewers are kind. Any reason they should not be? I think not.
                                                                    *    *    *    *

 Roms, Bombs & Zoms ( A Three Little Words Anthology Book 2 )

When hearts rot, fuses ignite.

Super geek gets the girl, a righteous preacher and his undead wife, fantastical zombies, the tantric art of zubbing, mindless hive workers, and traditional flesh eating walkers, this anthology has a bit of everything. Our twisted tales pull you into the darkest of darks, where hope is lost, and sustaining life is no simple feat.

Twenty-one authors congealed romance, bombs, and zombies into stories that are diverse, witty, and occasionally gut-wrenching. Travel through time to walk in alternate histories, visit magical realms, and face down pestilence that will literally rot your insides. This collection is sure to warm your cold, dead, heart.

Stories by Ken MacGregor, Patrick D’Orazio, Randy Henderson, and Kriscinda Lee Everitt, among others.

5.0 out of 5 stars wow. just wow. January 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
That was some of the most intense shorts I've read In The undead genre. I wish most of them were full length novels . Wow. 
5.0 out of 5 stars It’s so gritty, dirty, entertaining, and FUN! November 18, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Another faneffintastic anthology put out by “Evil Girlfriend Media.”

So, if you recall, I wrote a review on their first book, “Witches, Stitches and Bitches” and anthology with, well, witches, stitches and bitches throughout. I loved the book and loved the idea of an anthology.

The idea behind, “Roms, Bombs and Zoms” each story within this anthology has to incorporate each word or word meaning: Romance, Bombs and Zombies. OMG… late night reading a go! This book includes everything from Medieval Zombies in the story, “The Tower” to futuristic, survivalist zombies. It has Russian mobster and Trailer Trash Back Woods tramps. I love it. It’s so gritty, dirty, entertaining, and FUN!

There were a few incredibly creative, strong short stories written in this compilation. 
                                                               *    *    *    *
Killion's tale, 'Til Death We Do Not Part, is one of the highlights in this anthology. All the authors had to combine Romance, Bombs, and Zombies in their stories. Not an easy do.
                                                              *    *    *    *
Killion does it all. Writing, sharing her love of other great authors with the world, and being an inspiration to so many other people in this wonky business of ours. Everyone who knows her loves her. She is a caring, giving person. Great horror authors are.
Killion Slade is a Woman In Horror!  
Blaze McRob                                                        



Roms, Bombs & Zoms (A Three Little Words Anthology Book 2) by Michelle Kilmer, Ken MacGregor, Katie Cord and Randy Henderson (Oct 25, 2013)


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Kindle Edition Auto-delivered wirelessly   $5.99      
Paperback Get it by Monday, Apr 6
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$11.95 $10.65 $9.11 $11.10

Exsanguinate - A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series (World of Blood Book 1) by Killion Slade, Mary Ann Peden-Coviello and Wendy Schirmer (Dec 9, 2013)


Formats   Price   New Used Collectible
Kindle Edition Auto-delivered wirelessly  
to buy
Paperback Get it by Monday, Apr 6
FREE Shipping on orders over $35
  $14.99 $11.42 $10.99 $12.00

Bite from the Heart by Andrew Freudenberg, Nathan J.D.L. Rowark, Amber Hartman and M K Barrett (Oct 9, 2012)


Formats   Price   New Used
Kindle Edition Auto-delivered wirelessly   $2.99      
Paperback Get it by Monday, Apr 6
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$14.95 $12.77 $11.14 $13.81

Death Sparkles Anthology (Scary Short Stories) by Killion Slade, Kelly Whitley, KT Wagner and Nina Benneton (Feb 24, 2014)


Formats   Price   New Used
Kindle Edition Auto-delivered wirelessly   $1.99  

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