Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Darkness Chasing Light by Robert W. Walker is now out! Go read the sample section of this great collection and you will be able to read the first story in its entirety. Such lovely, nasty, psychological horror. The book description says it's Twilight Zone in its styling. Add in some Hitchcock as well.

Don't miss this one!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

March 21, 2015 12 - 12 8 - 12
A 3rd collection of tales from the crypt of Robert W. Walker. Hauntings, banshees, incubi, nightmares, phobias, cyborg disease, hit men, serial killers, vampires, and more. The range of these 10 stories is wide and inclusive of many genres. Each story packs a one-two punch and will leave the reader questioning what it means to be human from A Snitch in Time to Human Error and Bed Bait & Beyond, these tales skewer what we think we know and supplant it with what we should have known from sentence one to end. From House of Voices to the choices each character makes in the dark, there is a search for the light, but light does not always come and seldom in the exact expectation of the characters or the readers for that matter. If you liked One Step Beyond or The Twilight Zone, if you like O'Henry endings, you will appreciate Walker's twisting ride on a book of stories that take flight into the darker regions of the human heart and soul.

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