Thursday, March 19, 2015


Soledad Medrano is my Woman In Horror today! I have no books to post yet for Soledad. That doesn't matter, though, really. Does it?

Soledad has written much in the past about real life horrors, those which no one should have to go through. She has attacked things head on, even though the battle was a rough one. 

In Soledad's words:

"One Writer's Soul
Always laying it bare, one word at a time."

Soledad writes erotic romance, freelance articles, and poetry. I know she will burst upon the writing scene in a big way. She has endured the worst that life could toss at anyone and conquered it. Anything else is a cake-walk.

Soledad Medrano is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

If you look at the picture above of Soledad and her everything man, Ed Kurtz, you will see a genuine smile on Soledad's face. I am glad to see her as happy as she is.

Today is Soledad's birthday. Happy birthday, my friend!

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