Monday, March 23, 2015


Today in Killion's Kave: I've had the wonderful opportunity to know Leigh for a couple years now, and she was a pleasure to interview. She WOWed me with her podcasting story for her entry i...
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I have plucked another gem from Killion's Kave. Leigh M. Lane, who everyone should know about, unless you've been hiding under a rock, is Killion's Woman In Horror in this great interview! I want to blab about what's in this super Q&A, but then you wouldn't have any reason to go to the link above and read this great discussion between two of the greats in horror. Notice I did not say the greats in women's horror. I'm talking about the greats in horror, period, tossing aside any gender considerations. Most of my favorite horror authors are women. I don't have to explain myself there. It's just the truth. Different perspectives perhaps? Less gore, more psychological horror? Could be. It doesn't matter. I like what I like, and I happen to love what Leigh writes.
Go to the link above and read this great interview! I guarantee you will love it.
Blaze McRob

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