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Hollywood Hellmouth is not your normal book. But then again, Armand Rosamilia, Brent Abell, Jay Wilburn, and Jack Wallen cannot be deemed to be normal authors. This great horror/comedy is a tag team tale with the authors jumping in and out, back and forth, hither and yon. In other words, read it and enjoy it.

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Blaze McRob

Book Description

March 13, 2015
Solomon wanted to make the greatest horror movie ever. He was willing to do anything to make this a reality - even unleashing real, apocalyptic evil upon the Earth. Haunted bathrooms, Velvet Elvis gateways to Hell, demonic possession, problem actors, editing issues, social media, and Jimmy will plague his production, but nothing will stop his dreams.

Horror Humor from one twisted writer is too much… imagine four of them getting together like grade school kids drawing naughty pictures on the bathroom wall… you’ve been warned.

"After reading this, I can't believe I ever let him touch me." - Brent's wife

"I couldn't read past the first chapter. What they did with Velvet Elvis is beyond bad taste!" - Armand's Wife

"Seriously, I'm done. This book turned my husband into something I could no longer sleep with ... at least not without double bagging a hazmat suit. Vile and disgusting.” - Jack's Wife

"My mother told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And don't marry Jay. He seems off. I've already said too much." - Jay's Wife

5.0 out of 5 stars The horrors that await you. March 13, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Hollywood Hellmouth
The horrors that await you.

OMG! As if one of these guys weren’t enough to send you screaming from a room. Look what happened when they get together to write the most disturbing and gory tale possible love it! I must admit there were times I thought:" OMG! What lurks behind the eyes of these guys?" Be afraid. Honestly, this book got under my skin a little. Well done Guys!
This is one gory, twisted, at times comical tale of horror. A semi-washed up producer in the film industry would do anything to make one last "Blockbuster" to make that happen, including but not limited to feeding the whole production crew to a demon right out of the gates of hell to save his own skin. He is an intuitive director and knows how to stroke the fragile egos of his diva actors like Thomas and just what it takes to get the job done. But he has never had to tread so lightly just to stay alive. Solomon is no longer the one in charge and his brilliant assistant and secret love interest that made him look competent was changed into a worm type monster so he has to go it alone. This is unlike any book you have ever read, I can almost guarantee it. What a concept and vivid picture with a likable cast, for the most part. There are a few you love to hate. This "Brain trust" came up with the story that was inventive, original and twisted. The environment left little to the imagination, yes there was blood and a lot of it, violence, some cursing and some real giggles if you know any of these guys, there were bits and pieces of each contributor's personality strewn throughout the story, digs at Horror writers. I also loved the fun and portrayal of the critics in the general Youtube universe, it was so spot on. And I don't care how tough you think you are... there is a part towards the end that will have you wincing a little. If you love horror and gory details don't bother you then you really should pick up this book. I really hope there is more to come from this amazing group of writers. Thank you for taking us along on one heck of a demented and twisted ride.
Format:Kindle Edition
The toilet is the only place where you will be safe from The Devil!
A blood , gore and entrailes fest!
I dont think that this book is takin itself so serious, so i do recomend you to read it for fun, at a Moment when you Need a analissys of the human vices.
This book is not for the ones that faint easy, or are to sensible! If you dont like splatter Horror movies, stay away from that book.
Well, my opinion is a positiv one, there is this guy, Solomon who would actually sell his Soul to gett the breack true, to finale be one of the ritch and famous, and no longer a no Name movie director that lives in his grannys Basement.
You will laugh, and there will be moments when you actually root for Solomon, Keep your fingers crossed and hope that he will succeed.
Enjoy the book ove the Weekend, i actualy read it in one sitting because it was a litle bit like a accident, you just could not take your eyes from it.
i gave it only 4 stars because if you are familiar with the writhing style of some of the authors, you will notice where one stops and the other one pics up(Jack Wallen and his obssesion for Willow the teenage witch, Armand Rosamilia and Alissa Milano and so on). The Translation from one author to another is a litle like when one learns to drive a car and shifths the gears a litle to fast .That was my only complain.

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