Sunday, February 15, 2015


SNIPE HUNT by Pen of the Damned's Tyr Kieran

Snipe Hunt, by Tyr Kieran, is this week's Scary Sunday Tale! I have only included a snippet below, so you will have to go to the link above to read the rest of this super story. While you're there, you can read more great stories by Tyr for the price of free.
I know most of you have heard stories about snipes. Well, you have never read a snipe story like this one! I guarantee it! Have fun. 
Blaze McRob

Snipe Hunt

Austin gave a nervous chuckle as he looked back and forth between his fellow Scouts’ faces, searching for a sign that this was just a stupid joke. The two older kids held his stare, unblinking.
“You’re kidding, right?” Austin finally said.
“No way. They’re real,” Eddy replied. “Nasty little things too.”
“Yeah. You never heard the tale about the slaughtered troop in these very woods, thirty years ago? A kid by the name of George or Gerald was the only survivor. They found him covered in blood and ranting about wild animals. His hand was ripped off. They chalked it all up to wolves, but we know better.”
“So… if they’re dangerous, why are we going to hunt for one?”
“It’s a test of courage that all Newbies have to take,” Eddy answered.
Austin’s stomach fluttered. Again, he waited for a punch line.
Eddy shook his head. “The Newbie’s too scared.”
Things haven’t been easy for Austin. His poor eyesight forced him into a comically large set of glasses since the start of grade school. Friends were hard to come by and becoming a welcomed member of any group was a pipe-dream. But here, with the Boy Scouts, he might have a chance. Eddy and Kyle were the alphas of the troop and if he could gain their acceptance, he’d be in. Austin ignored the usual warning signs that flashed in his brain, come on nerd, man up for once.
“No way,” he said firmly. “Count me in.”
“Good.” Eddy’s smile widened to Grinch-like proportions, and then he laid out the plan. “Alright, grab your flashlight and your tent bag. We’re going to head out past the latrine and away from the main trail. Kyle will take lead and I’ll watch our backs. You be ready with the bag. Got it?”
“We’re going to follow the tracks. If we find a Snipe, be quick and quiet. Sneak up behind it and get the bag over ‘em fast.”
Austin nodded, leaning harder on his false front of courage.
“So,” he asked in an overly casual tone. “What are we looking for exactly?”
“Um, they’re… small, up to your waist, maybe.” Kyle said.
“But, if they see you, they turn strong and angry. Watch out for their claws.” Eddy said. “If you see a pair of glowing eyes in the dark, it’s already too late. Got it?”
Austin nodded, worried his voice would betray his fading confidence.
“Good. Go get your gear and meet us behind the shitter.”

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