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Melanie Bingle Marsh is my Woman In Horror today! Melanie is a reader and reviewer. She reads a lot! And, she reviews a lot. Go to the links above and you will see evidence of this.

She's a young lady who loves the beach and reading. At the same time, of course. So her Florida home comes in pretty handy for this.

Melanie's book blog focuses on paranormal and horror books and authors. Go to  and look at all the books she has reviewed. A number of them are from author friends of mine, including Women In Horror.When she reads, as it is to me, she reads a movie in her head. Pretty cool. Reading is her escape from the real world.

Speaking of the real world, Melanie likes history, roller derby, and vampires, as well as books. Pretty cool about the Roller Derby. I always loved it. In fact, my city of Cheyenne has a team. It's a tough sport.

She enjoys telling people about the books she enjoys. I think the world cannot have enough reviewers: ones who are honest about what they put down. I don't believe in buying reviews like some authors do. Supplying a free book to a reviewer in exchange for an honest review is great. After all, how many reviewers have enough money to buy every book that an author wants a review for? As long as the review is honest, I love it!

Just to show you the kind of reviews that Melanie writes, I went to her Amazon page 
and stole this one. The book she reviews is one by a favorite horror author of mine and Woman In Horror, Claire C. Riley.


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5.0 out of 5 stars S000 emotional! Loved every minute!, October 31, 2014
Once again, Claire C. Riley has blown me away with her ability to make me actually FEEL while reading. It would be different, I suppose, if she were writing in a more dramatic type genre, but no. She writes HORROR! I’m not used to feeling so emotional while reading a Horror book. It’s a surprisingly pleasant feeling to be honest.

In this installment, we learn the back-stories of Matthew, Susan, Max, and Anne and Dean. These characters have each been through Hell and we learn a small portion of who the are in the Dead Saga, though not nearly enough. I can’t help but feel sorry for them each for different reason. I want to hug every single one of them and then cook dinner for them! You can tell they are mostly all good people at heart, so it’s extra hard to read about bad things happening to good people. On thing about Claire’s word choices is that she makes you WANT to get to know them better.

In Odium Origins 2, the intensity is almost overwhelming, but absolutely in a good way. It’s so intense that you can’t help but feel the character’s emotions as they are experiencing the zombie apocalypse. Confusion, panic, fear, sorrow and eventually hope. You can feel the confusion and fear when everything first goes down, and the disbelief when they finally realize it’s a nightmare come true. When they get angry that the world has come to this, you can feel their desire to destroy that which has caused them such pain. Every swing of a bat or machete is felt with such strength and intensity you can see the blood splatter it causes. You can feel when the character’s weapon sinks into a skull. When a character dies, there is such sorrow at losing one of the few who have not yet been turned into zombies; and eventually the hope that someday either they will encounter those who they haven’t been able to locate, or the hope of being able to successfully destroy the “things” that their loved ones have become.

I seriously love this book. I love the characters as well as the feeling that Claire puts into them. She really knows how to bring them to life in ways I have never encountered before. She is very obviously growing as an author. While her first few books were also really good, you can see the progression in her talent as she releases more and more stories for us to devour like a zombie with a plate full of brains.

I would recommend this book to everyone. If they were to tell me they haven’t yet read The Dead Saga or the Obsession series, I would insist they pick them both up right away. The Dead Saga books is still one of the only zombie series that I think has enough going on to set it apart from the run of the mill survivor stories we get in most zombie apocalypse books. Claire’s books are anything but ordinary, but I guess you will just have to find out how when you read the stories yourself!
                                                           *    *    *    *
Melanie has also reviewed books written by some of my other Women In Horror and feels the same way I do about the books and the authors.
Melanie sent me a personal message on my Facebook page and asked me how she could help with my Women In Horror posts. I took a little peek and told her that I thought she should be one of my Women In Horror. She was flattered but didn't think she deserved it. I told her she did, and here we are. Authors need to find good, honest reviewers. Even if a book is not the greatest, an author can always learn how to improve from a review. After all, your readers deserve your best. 
So, picture Melanie holding your book in her hands as she dangles her tootsies in the surf. Let's make her toes curl under, my horror writing friends. 

Melanie Bingle Marsh is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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