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Beneath the Lake offers readers/authors some of the best non-fiction essays and articles on the web, including behind the scenes glimpses into the lives of horror writers. Crystal Lake Publishing's owner and operator, Joe Mynhardt, also interviews the amazing list of authors who have graced our book…
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From Joe Mynhardt comes word of his latest venture: The Deep End.

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Do you have a new book coming out soon? Is there a deeper meaning to your book, or perhaps a tough journey you had to go through to write this book?
Then send an email to with the following information:
Your name and surname
Book title
Publisher (self-published books are accepted)
Formats available (paperback, Kindle, audiobook etc.)
Release date
Your website URL
The opening 500 words of your book
A 100 to 150 word summary of what your guest post will be about (your book’s deeper meaning or your personal journey writing it)

If we like what we see, we’ll ask you to write a guest blog post about your book’s deeper meaning or your personal journey. Or perhaps both. Then we’ll publish the blog on the day of your book’s release on our Beneath the Lake blog under the heading "The Deep End." 

Books that have already been published (unless this is a relaunch) will not be accepted. Your book must be Dark Fiction (Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Noir, Thriller, Suspense, Weird, Dark Fantasy, etc.) and published in English. We will accept guest blog posts on novels, novellas, short story collections, and poetry collections. 
To save on admin, you will only hear from us if we’re interested in your blog post.

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This is a great opportunity for some fantastic promotional opportunities for Dark Fiction authors. It's also perfect for readers who love to find out more about their favorite books and authors.

Get in on this super deal! 

Blaze McRob

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