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Enter At Your Own Risk: The End Is The Beginning is a fantastic collection of short stories that show us the evil occurring on this spinning rock we live in due to over-industrialization, greed, pollution, and more. I am very green, and I believe an approach like this book takes to make people aware of what is happening is the right one. Sometimes a shock to the gray matter is what it takes to make folks conscious of what is happening around us.

Firbolg Publishing did a great job of choosing stories that would tell a great tale of horror to captivate readers. No, "Pollution is bad, blah, blah, blah . . . "I like to believe readers are intelligent. They read for a great story and can reason out the contents. Dumbing down to them is the wrong approach. It should always be story first. That's what we have in this great tome.

Read this great book because of the fantastic stories. I have the ebook, paperback, and was lucky enough to get the special edition hardback copy made for the HWA last year. That's how much I like this book.

This super book makes a great Holiday gift!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

May 6, 2014
Human beings—the undisputed top of the food chain, the long-standing masters of planet earth. Or are we? What may be crawling out of the sludge to take our place? What monsters have we created in our labs, factories, and our very own genetic code? In the fourth installment of Firbolg Publishing’s Enter at Your Own Risk series, which pairs Gothic masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and H.P. Lovecraft with modern authors of the dark and macabre, the theme is environmental horror. As mankind’s tsunami wave of progress, industrialization, and technology reaches spectacular new heights, sinister things are churning beneath the surface. An unfamiliar stench on the wind. Waters a bit too murky. Soil a bit too red with blood. Progress at a price. A terrible, terrible price. Will we survive? What strange new worlds will emerge from the chaos? With an introduction from Holly Newstein, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning explores both the horror of the end and the hope of new beginnings for our planet and ourselves.

THE END IS THE BEGINNING may seem like a collection of horror and science fiction, but the frightening truth is, it might just be our generation's The Prophecies, predictions of what's to come if things don't change. Incurable diseases. Pollution. Out-of-control technologies. Climate change. Extinctions in the name of progress. The stories in this book range from chilling to terrifying, but all of them are thought-provoking in some way, opening our eyes to the dangers of disregarding our environment, of trying to play god. This is Frankenstein on a global scale, and we are the peasants suffering from the arrogance of those who would put greed and progress above common sense. I dare you to read this book before bed and not experience nightmares. Old masters of horror and new ones wait between these pages to open your eyes and infect your hearts with dread. Enjoy their tales, because afterwards you may never look at the world the same again. - JG Faherty, Bram Stoker Award®- and ITW Thriller Award-nominated author of more than 50 short stories and 10 novels/novellas, including CASTLE BY THE SEA, FATAL CONSEQUENCES, and CARNIVAL OF FEAR.

"A brilliant blend of the old and new, providing a diverse perspective on a modern problem..." Rob Smales, author of Dead of Winter
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Shiver Tales June 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a book that should be read by a fireplace with either a cat in your lap or a dog at your side. It will keep your interest and make you happy if in bed that you have a honey sleeping next to you when you read it. The stories vary in style from classic creepy to comeuppance creepy all smoothly delivered. Great authors! A truly worthy collection.

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