Friday, December 12, 2014


I know what you're thinking. What's with all the links? Well, not only am I giving Chantal Noordeloos and her great new book Coyote: The Clockwork Dragonfly a shout out, but I want to announce that today is the novel's release. In fact, I will be attending the release party on Facebook. There are guaranteed prizes and shenanigans to be had. Come on over. It's 12:00 P.M. eastern to 2:00 P.M. eastern time.

Chantal is one fantastic Steampunk author, and writes in the western style I enjoy the most. This is the second book in the series, Coyote: The Outlander being the first. I loved that one and this one is every bit as good. I would suggest both of these great novels if you, like me, love Steampunk.

Chantal writes in a no-holds-barred manner, and for readers looking for a strong female lead, you have come to the right place. Above, I have included the link to her other great books available on Amazon.

Steampunk Western style, gunfights, in your face action, and more, all say, "Chantal Noordeloos wrote this great book."

Enter her world. If You dare.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

December 11, 2014
A mysterious circus comes to town, dazzling the crowd with astonishing feats of magic and mechanics.However, when Coyote, Caesar and their new companion take a closer look, they find things are not as innocent as the posters suggest. A dark secret hides behind the brightly colored tents, one that may force good friends to grow apart.

Caesar stands at a crossroad, where he has to make a difficult choice, and, for the first time, Coyote finds herself wondering who her allies really are, as she takes on the most dangerous foes she has ever faced.

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