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Cobwebs, by C. L. Hernandez, is the perfect collection of short stories to put on your Kindle. These are fantastic horror tales. My review below will attest to that. I am happy to say that it sits at the top of most helpful customer reviews.

You can't go wrong for .99!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

February 20, 2014
A mummified hand seeks revenge... A harmless witch gets pushed a little too far... The Grim Reaper falls victim to a prank...This is the kind of ghoulish fun you'll find in Cobwebs, the little book of unsettling tales. Small but mighty, Cobwebs invites you to explore six weird little stories. Try one a day, or be a glutton for punishment, and devour them all at once!
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Cobwebs, by C.L. Hernandez, is a brilliant collection! I am new to this author, having stumbled across her when she asked to be my friend on Facebook. This collection would be outstanding for an established author, let alone a new talent on the scene. She is a classic example of why I love to read horror written by women authors. There is that special something and she "has" it!

All of these stories are awesome. And they are all so different. There is not only humor sprinkled into this collection, there is sarcastic wit bandied about - my favorite kind! Give The Man A Hand proves that.

The Leaf Lady is a wonderful revenge story. I am screaming to say more, but I would ruin it for you.

Stage Dive is the shortest one and it floored me because of the ending. Superb!

Death In A Bottle shows me the intelligence dwelling within this story. This is my favorite in the collection! The Grim Reaper versus . . . versus a most cunning adversary.

Brie Noir has horror, revenge, love, and witchcraft all wrapped up into a superb tale. Oh. It also has cheese.

Tub toys is the most chilling one in the collection. You know something is going to happen, but when and how?

There you have it! Six fantastic stories from an author I want to read more tales from. You will love every story! My personal guaranty!

C.L. Hernandez

C.L. Hernandez
I am a writer of horror, dark fiction, and poetry. I've been fascinated by the horror genre since I was a kid, and I started writing stories at a very young age. I wrote for years with no thought of becoming published: I wrote just for the sheer enjoyment of it. I finally "got serious" about my writing in 2012.
I reside in California's Cental Valley, and I live with my adult daughter and a variety of animal companions.In addition to writing, I enjoy crocheting, jewelry making, drawing, and a variety of arts and crafts.

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