Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A World Of Words, by Rafael L. Lopez, is my favorite book of poetry. That's saying a lot, since I also write and publish poetry. Not only are the poems fantastic, but the brilliance of the conception of this great tome amazes me. I bought a copy last year, the paper version, and read at least a poem or two a night. Thus, my copy is dog-eared and I'll have to get a new one. I'm happy to do so.

You'll notice I have both the ebook and paper back links to this masterpiece. I prefer a paper version with poetry. It makes for a much more enjoyable reading experience for me. A book-mark inserted in the proper place, and I am able to come full circle once more.

Read the sample section on Amazon and see if you don't agree with me about how great this poetry is. I know you'll love it. A War Of Words is the perfect Holiday gift for Kindle or your stocking.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

February 13, 2013
A WORLD OF WORDS is a unique collection of verse penned by a broad range of poets who do not exist, except in the mind and imagination of Rafael L. Lopez, creator of a world called Eath. That mystical realm will be richly detailed in both poetry and prose, but with this volume the author presents a stunning glimpse through the majesty of his words. A world of words. Deep and contemplative, this debut collection of poetic jewels will convey you to a serene place within . . . a place you will wish to visit again and again. ~ Lori R. Lopez, author of AN ILL WIND BLOWS and CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES.
5.0 out of 5 stars A World Of Words August 18, 2014
By Jenn
Format:Kindle Edition
This is a great collection of poetry that will get your imagination going and will leaving you longing for more. Rafael Lopez is a young author but the way he is able to put words to page is absolutely amazing. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this collection. Highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys poetry.

About the Author

Rafael L. Lopez is a poet, writer, actor, artist, knight and more who resides in Southern California when not off crafting magic within his world of Eath. Inspired by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, his favorite author, he first conjured ideas for Eath as the base for a boardgame at age eleven. Recording his visions, he began developing a vast history and culture for the land's kingdoms and inhabitants, then by his eighteenth birthday completed the first draft of Volume One for a book series titled THE LEGEND OF MIRALD, along with short stories about a hero named Lastenberg. Between the ages of sixteen and seventeen he had also composed a collection of poems for Eath, thereafter inventing the names and lives of fictitious poets with different styles and voices. A WORLD OF WORDS is the result, a volume of verse introducing his elaborate fantasy.


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    1. My pleasure, Lori. Rafael is already a master at the craft at such a young age. Just imagine how much more he will have to offer the world in the years to come.