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Within Wet Walls, by Lily Childs, is a Gothic Gem. Lily is a Woman In Horror for a very good reason: she is a master at the craft. Get over and buy her superb book. Tell her Blaze sent you.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

October 31, 2014
Within Wet Walls is a short, gothic ghost story inspired by M.R. James, Dickens and Sir Walter Scott.

It speaks of a medieval manor built in a Sussex forest where beings as old as the land itself swirl, translucent in the damp mists. Ever hungry.

Travel through time within the wet walls of Wealdstone House. Slip into Eliza Lundy's Victorian sub-existence of servitude and debauchery, laced with opium and absinthe. Taste the terror. Embrace life... while you can.

Eliza's wandering spirit will take you by the hand, by the throat, by the lips. Enter her darkness to discover the beautiful horrors that reside there. She's waiting. She's always waiting. For you.
5.0 out of 5 stars Strange, sinister, and beautiful. November 5, 2014
Within Wet Walls is a dark vignette that reveals a strange, beautiful, and horrifying cast of spirits that inhabit Wealdstone.

Our narrator and guide to the history of the house is a particularly persistent spirit named Eliza with multiple rows of tiny, sharp teeth. Though we are introduced to this guide during as she takes the soul of a singer performing at the house.

The story then shifts to the history of Wealdstone, and the mortal life that Eliza lived there. The spirits have always been a part of the house, and they have their own rules, hierarchy, and talents.

Childs excels at painting Gothic scenery, and then populating it with creatures that would feel at home in the worlds of Clive Barker or Guillermo Del Toro. There is a confidence in the telling that almost has the reader forgetting the monstrous debut of Eliza at the beginning.

This particular story is almost exclusively told in recollection, rather than present experience, but the style does fit well with the historical setting, and the juxtaposition of a narrator that takes her lunch by licking the soul out of the living make this a captivating reimagine of ghost mythology.

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