Saturday, November 8, 2014


The latest issue of The Sirens Call is out and available to download for FREE!
Featuring artwork by Jeanette Andriulli; fiction by DJ Tyrer, Jeff McFarland, Laura Jamez, Stephen Crowley, Shannon Yingst, Nina D'Arcangela, John H. Dromey, David D. Pagan, Kameryn James, Maynard Blackoak, Miranda Kate, EF Schraeder, Guy Medley, Sharon Higa, Jerriann Law, Rivka Jacobs, Julianne Snow, Reyes Stone, Mark Cassell, Liz Hedgecock, Gloria Bobrowicz, Justin Tate, C.s. Kane, Timothy Hobbs, Lisa Lepovetsky, T.S. Woolard, and Kyoko M; and an interview with Carson Buckingham, author of 'Gothic Revival'.

There are many great stories here, and I love the interview with my buddy Carson Buckingham!  The Sirens Call is a top ezine in every respect. Get this copy today!

Blaze McRob

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