Saturday, November 22, 2014


See these people? We are the Pen Of The Damned! Do we write what everyone else does? Of course not! We are an eclectic group of Damned Dark souls who tell it like it is. If you want fluff and horse-shit how to better yourself nonsense, this is not the place. We dig into our souls and drag out the sordid horror of what really exists around us. Prepare to be given a lesson into terror like you have never experienced. Do you want to be scared within an inch of your life before you go to bed? Read our stories. They are all for the price of free. Every week!

We are the Pen Of The Damned! Nobody does it better!

Blaze McRob

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  1. I want to be scared to within an inch of my life!! Oh, wait - I am one of The Damned - damn! lol Great post, Blaze!!