Sunday, October 12, 2014


Questions and answers with Amber White is the hot topic today on Rebecca Boucher's blog. Amber allows the story characters to tell her how the story should go. To a point, I suppose. Gotta love that. Traipse on over to Rebecca's website and read this great Q&A. Tell her Blaze sent you.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch The World Burn.... Questions and Answers With Amber White

A while back I had the pleasure of meeting Amber White and reading her book Tonight The Word Dies. In that book we were introduced to a group of friends running to stay alive in the midst of a zombie takeover. One night the main character questions all she knows about the zombies, and if they have been killing mindless creatures, or have they been committing murder, killing those trapped in an existence they didn't choose. It was a great take on the zombie genre, one fresh with morality questions that didn't preach, just made you think.

Now Amber is back with a prequel to her novel. In Watch The World Burn we find out just how these kids got where they are, what happened to start the apocalypse in motion, and the sacrifices that were made.

Zombies are all the buzz right now. We can't continue our month look at horror without visiting them, and what makes them unique. If you are going to write about zombies you need to make them your own. You have to be original, and you have to keep the readers interest. Amber White does just that.

I had a chance to interview Amber and talk some about her foray into horror. Take a look:


The rest of this super post is on Rebecca's website !

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