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Go to Rebecca Boucher's website  http://beccab8.blogspot.com/2014/10/hallowread.html and read the fascinating interview between her and Rachel Rawlings. Once more, we have two Women In Horror discussing the best the genre has to offer. As you will see from the interview, Rachel is a very busy lady! I will also tell you that Rachel writes some kick-ass horror!

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Skulls and Roses by SerenityNmephoto credit SerentiyNme

Today's stop brings an amazing guest to the blog. Meet Rachel Rawlings. Rachel is not only the author of the paranormal/urban fantasy Maurin Kincaide series. (If you are not familiar with her series I urge you to check out her website, www.rachelrawlings.com. The series follows Maurin Kincaide, an ass kicking heroine who solves supernatural crimes in Salem MA.) She is also the creator and main star of this month's Hallowread Convention in historic Ellicott City Maryland.

HallowRead is a book convention for authors and fans of the Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, SteamPunk and Horror genres. This year’s convention brings you some of the most popular names in the industry, along with some amazing events including their Ghost Tour, SteamPunk Tea and Paranormal Investigations.

 This convention is the real deal. Hosting over thirty amazing indie authors in the horror and paranormal genre, it not only offers amazing workshops, author signings, and anything industry related, it also connects you to all things horror. Amazing ghost tours, chances to meet paranormal investigators, and some great parties. Hollowread takes place October 24th-26th and has some amazing sponsors, including Monster Energy Drinks.

Rachel is one busy lady, so I was very lucky to get to interview her and see what drew her to the horror world. The questions are familiar, but the answers are totally different. She really is a true woman in horror, and a great friend to all indie authors.
Image of Rachel Rawlings

Read the rest here  http://beccab8.blogspot.com/2014/10/hallowread.html

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